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    I was wondering if anyone could point me to a good tutorial for a world editor. i got MCEdit but i think i am too stupid to use it. ive seen where you can add spheres and towers and stuff with just a few clicks and wanted to speed up building...


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    Probably the best way is to just play around with all the commands and see how they can help you in your everyday building.
    All the commands are there

    MCedit is mainly used for giant landscape remodels that worldedit would lag you out of. I also use it for the perfect cloneing fliping/rotating/switching worldedit doesn't do.

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    I just started using it, mainly to lay the groundwork for a floating city i'm doing when i'm bored. The only thing i know how to do without breaking stuff is select area and fill with x type of block. As for actually building a entire map using it, it would be great for making multiples of something using the "clone" function, which is as simple as selecting the area you want cloned and using the button ;P

    EDIT: my post was in reference to MCEDIT. >_<
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    I can personally recomend the bukkit pluggin called voxel sniper. Its awesome at everything, from making mountains to copy and pasting an area. they have a bunch of tutorials on youtube if your cant figure it out right away. i love it. not sure if its been updated as of recently though.

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    I believe the bukkit plugin WorldEdit (and/or WorldGuard) now have singleplayer versions. These tools are awesome, powerful and still simple. Much, much more reliable and less prone to world breaking than MCEdit or any other external tool I have used.

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    i use mcedit to prepare the area for buildings ( most of the time i delete a huge block, and refill it at waterlevel with dirt)
    or to save / duplicate bigger buidings / areas (eg a big part of my city to make it look bigger)

    but i always build em ingame

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    as far as WorldEdit goes (not refering specifically to single player functionality) once you get used to it, it's very easy to create basic structures such as spheres, cylindrical towers, etc. As well as many many other things. Can't speak for MCedit, never used it personally.

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    That's quite handy, going to keep that around. Thanks!

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