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    27 5.22%
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    12 2.32%
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    182 35.20%
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    296 57.25%
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    Have you got your BETA invite

    As the title says, vote for your region also.

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    Region doesnt amtter all D3 beta play on US even if you are in EU you get invite from [email protected] or something like that.

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    Apparantly a new wave was sent out a few hours ago. Seems like they mostly went to the US and Australia though.
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    With the delay, and Blizzard's desire to stress test their servers, I have a feeling we may see a fairly open beta near the release date. Most people will want to argue and say, "Nooo, there won't be open beta. I don't know why you think there is. Wishful thinking." However... SC-2 was the first Blizzard game to have open beta...
    I was shocked when I went to pre-order and they printed me out a 2 week beta code. Blizzard and open beta??? That's umpossible! Nevertheless I enjoyed SC-2 beta and i'm sure it was a fruit-ful experience for Blizzard. I won't be too bummed if there's not only because it shouldn't be too hard to catch up knowledge wise with those experiencing the first level (act?). I remember seeing a friend of my dads playing D2 beta and he only got to complete the Den of Evil quest. Luckily I got to try it even though I had no clue what it was that I was actually playing (I only owned StarCraft at the time. Didn't care much for Diablo and didn't know about D2).
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    My luck with Blizzards betas is that I'll never get in it

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    I was in the sc2 beta but hey, who wasn't?
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    Seemingly, MMO-Champion either isnt too lucky, or all their users are busy playing diablo 3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xuany View Post
    My luck with Blizzards betas is that I'll never get in it
    Me too.... me too....

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    I got the Cataclysm beta about 3 or 4 weeks before launch =/

    I hope i can get the Diablo one before that

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    If I remember right WoW had an open beta before launch at least for EU im pretty sure I was in it.
    However I cant understand why so many want this so called "diablo 3 beta" that just feels like a small demo you get bored of in an hour or two and wont evne start again unless they open up some more content. Starcraft 2 beta had way more content.

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    The beta is not out yet. It's only F&F. (I'm 100% certain of this on EU, not sure about US)

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    No one I know or in my entire guild (over 50 people) has had one yet (EU). Still, I live in hope

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    Since I live in EU and have been playing the beta for a week I wonder how sure you are about your 100%, its press access tho.

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    Got mine a week ago, don't think it's been opened up too much yet.

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    I would be very happy to get one, but I know the chances are super slim/zero, so..... but oh well.... Fingers crossed

    Ty Shyama <3
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    As far as I know the first wave of invites from the opt-in feature was sent out today, atleast in Europe.
    I didn't get it right now, but I'm hoping for the next wave.

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    Don't have one yet. I've been rather fortunate in the past to get an invite to WotLK and Cataclysm betas, but not at the beginning: I've got invites about halfway through the beta periods for both. Honestly I'm not too bothered these days by betas: if I get it, cool. If not, well, I get to see the game as it's meant to be, as complete as you can make a PC game. So we'll wait and see how that turns out!

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    Have not received one yet, holding out hope though.

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    Maybe the poll can be Mod edited. Saying a "closed" beta invite would be better. There is also the press invite and F&F one.

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    Sadly, no

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