View Poll Results: Have you got your beta yet ?

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  • YES - US

    27 5.22%
  • YES - EU

    12 2.32%
  • NO - US

    182 35.20%
  • NO - EU

    296 57.25%
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    I love this poll, so many ppl without beta. I'm not alone :P

    Btw, no, i didn't and i'm eu.
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    I know I will never get invited, but I can't accept it

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    In since F&F. More invites should be rolling out pretty soon.
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    Friends and Family here. <3
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    Been in F&F for a couple of weeks now

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    Hellz yes! Last night when I was asleep ><

    Now Im stuck here at work itching to plow through those early levels and get a first taste.... Gah I hate work!!

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    Didn't had Cata and SC2 Beta, was hoping for a bit more luck on D3 beta. But haven't received nothing yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breekachu View Post
    I'm very curious about PC specs of people who got invite. Guys, do you have high-end PCs or it doesn't matter?
    No clue about the others, but to answer your question, decent enough.

    CPU Type:
    Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz
    CPU Speed:
    3.09 GHz
    System Memory:
    3.99 GB
    Video Card Model:
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260
    Video Card Memory:
    2.69 GB
    Video Card Driver:
    Primary Display Resolution:
    Secondary Display Resolution:
    Hard Disk Size:
    465.66 GB
    Hard Disk Free Space:
    194.68 GB (42%)
    Download Speed:
    1.05 MB/s (8.8 mbps)

    Its nothing amazing, but it doesn't really hic-up on any of my games. Anyhow, I kept hoping that my 3D vision would get me into testing so Blizzard could get stereoscopic feed back. May have been my saving grace this time around, but honestly I haven't got a beta invite since WCIII, Frozen throne beta.

    I was in TBC, Wrath, and SC2, but only cause I had kind friends that shared their friend access keys.
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    I never get anything....soo.....


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    I have the client all ready to go and everything, all I'm missing is a simple license attached to my account. /cry

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    I don't have and most likely won't ever. =< Never got an Beta Invitation for any game yet.
    (not even sc2 =P)
    Edit: Oh region is obvioulsly EU.
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    Fucking bullshit.... 6 years of wow. sc2. warcraft 3 and no beta key. !

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    of course not -.-

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    Not YET :P

    Bloody hoping though!

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    I got my beta invite today.

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    Still sulking in my corner.... /watches diablo beta videos on youtube, sigh.

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    Nope I hope I get one though... I feel like every well known caster on youtube got one though.

    Anyone know I blizzard is still sending US beta invs??

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    Neither me nor 7 of my friends who could share their bnet acc got into the beta. Go eu :s

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    I got mine in F&F and played a few hours but the BETA is pretty short. So, I"m just waiting for more content

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