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    Need someone to play Beta with; veteran preferred

    Hey! I'm one of the lucky few currently in the beta. Actually it's not really luck, as I'm writing about it for a Swedish media web outlet called Feber, and the key is a review copy, not my own personal.

    I'd like to play through the whole or at least most of the first act with someone in multiplayer, to get full coverage on what I'm writing about. Ideally that player would also be a D2 Veteran (something I am not) and able to give some input on his or her personal thoughts and opinions as well as what changes they've noticed from earlier games, but that's not necessary. Anyone who has a beta key, some spare time, and who is generally a nice guy will do .

    If you're game, you could drop a comment here and we'll handle contact info over PMs.
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    Sure. More than "experienced" enough and id love a quick skype chat to go through some things I also have my own radio show about game reviews so if you wanted to make a podcast or youtube video about it aswell im more than happy to help there
    PM me!

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