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  • YES - US

    27 5.22%
  • YES - EU

    12 2.32%
  • NO - US

    182 35.20%
  • NO - EU

    296 57.25%
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    The Lightbringer Dewote's Avatar
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    No I haven't, from EU.
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    Sadly I have not. And I want it really badly for a multitude of reasons. Come on Blizz, help me out!
    European for that matter.

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    Kinda interesting the number of people that actually do NOT want beta, yet is still signed up for the opt in. Waiting around for a key they will not use when there are others eagerly wanting to get a first glimpse...

    What sound logic....

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    Still no D3 beta key, though SWTOR sent me a beta confirmation only to send me a message afterward saying that it was a mistake....fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

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    This sucks, I've bought all Blizzard games, pay monthly for WoW yet no invite...=\

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    Just signed up for wowhead beta keys giveaway(they are giving out 5)
    Doubt i will get it, but no harm trying xD

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    I'm curious why invites are so slow. If this beta is for stress testing (and it obviously is) why are there only around 500ish (probably even less) people. Surely they can handle more, it's blizzard for crying out loud, not some indie running a server from his basement.

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    I haven't gotten my D3 beta key... yet. I really do hope I'll have one waiting for me after I come back from my trip to Germany next week though. I'd love to see every aspect of what has been done with the Diablo universe as I've played both the first and second to death. :3
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    Stood in the Fire
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    No, the only BETA I was invited to was SC2, which I didn't even like.

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