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    Server Name: Minecraft Middle Earth
    Server Location: Germany
    Population: 1000+ (but around 50-100 max online)
    IP: Check the website and apply first.

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    Server Name: FpicEail's Server
    Website: None
    Server Location: Sydney, Australia
    Population: 20
    Type: Survival
    Whitelisted: No

    This server is a new server which is as of yet not dedicated, but it is up 24/7, with a backup once each day and a quick restart every 3 hours. It is aimed at survival/building, and has PvP disabled.

    Griefing is of course not tolerated, and the server is appropriately protected against it. Blocks such as TnT, Water and Lava are disabled, and the server has a block change log plugin. There is also a zone protection plugin, and players who are respected rank or higher are able to make a place protected.

    A world border is in place, it is circular and has a 2000 block radius from the spawn. The server uses a random-generated regular Minecraft world.

    Ranks and promotions are decided by admins, and are not given based on things such as time played on the server. Do NOT repeatedly ask for promotions or items.

    The rules are simple. Do not grief/steal (this includes taking items from any chest without permission, and breaking blocks which are a part of any structure which isn't your own), do not harass other players, and use common sense.

    Dynmap (map address:
    Essentials + Group Manager
    Multiverse + Multiverse Portals + MultiInv

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    Minecraft Survival Server:

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    United States
    Server Name: Fcraft Official Freebuild (classic) and Fcraft SMP (Survival Multiplayer)
    Population: 100+ ALWAYS active members. Usually ~14 on SMP.
    Server Location: Europe (all English speaking players welcome)

    Current plugins include:
    Chest protection
    Rank systems
    Economy system
    PVP Free zones with PVP Rules
    Creepers hurt you but not the blocks around you (no creeper grief)
    Block info to catch griefers stealing your stuff
    World Edit

    And many more!

    Our server has a friendly, grief-free environment in which there is always somebody on. Servers are watched by hand-picked staff based upon their moderation skills and loyalty. You won't find just anyone with 300+ hours getting the most powerful rank and acting like a douchebag here. Excellent community with excellent builders to boot (creator of Deathwing, Animal King Turret, and many more). Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself !
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    Jakob's server!

    Hey, I'm posting for a friend that's eager to get a bigger playerbase. The server is relatively new, so many oppurtunities to build stuff! It runs precious-stones, which allows you to place a gold block to protect a small area around that block, which prevents griefing and stealing of your valuables. It's not whitelisted, and pvp is enabled! Join and have fun!

    Server Name: Jakobs
    Server Location:
    Population: 40ish at the moment of this post

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    SG-MC is a free community resources that currently runs the latest version of Bukkit, an up-and-coming Minecraft Server mod that will completely change how running and modifying a Minecraft server is done - making managing and creating servers easier and providing more flexibility. Currently we have a 50 Slot server that utilizes forum permissions integration to prevent griefing. We ask that all players are respectful to each other, and build structures that represent intuition (aka. not a bunch of 9x3 cobblestone shoeboxes). To join our server you must be a member of our forums. If you do not have an account please register. Once you are a registered member complete a Whitelist request form and one of our administrators will grant you access to build on our server. Please note that prior to the final release of Minecraft our map may be regenerated if advancements in biome generation deem it necessary.

    Server Name: Severity Gaming - MC
    Type: Survival
    Website: PENDING
    Permissions:Yes, GroupManager with SMF Forum Bridge
    Server Location: Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
    Population: 50 Max Users
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    BeyondMinecraft - Top Ranked Survival -

    Server Name: BeyondMinecraft
    Type: Survival
    Permissions: Complete Hierarchy
    Server Location: Pacific Coast, United States
    Population: 3000+ Registered Members

    Come Join one of the largest Minecraft Survival communities on the interwebz! Weekly Events, Contests, and Challenges. Massive Community. Extremely Active Staff. Mumble Server, Website and Forums. Everything you could ever want in SMP Minecraft! Connect today!

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    Server Name: empire minecraft
    Website: in my sig
    Server Location: arizona atm moving to florida soon as it upgrades
    Population: current max is 45 new server incoing to allow more
    IP: on the wesite

    please read the guide before joining as it explains everything you need to know about the server

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    Server Name: Umi's Dedicated Server
    Website: None yet
    Server Location: New York
    Population: 10-25
    Mods: iConomy, Essentials, multi-verse, portals, Region Protection.

    Here is a link to pics of the server :

    I have recently started this dedicated server and am trying to make it a friendly server where people can come in and play Survival or port to the Creative world (where you can use creative-mode) and build whatever they want. There are portals to Labyrinths and castles with shops in them so you may buy materials for survival. There are even homes to stay in for the night if you have not built your own yet. This is a brand new server, with optimal bandwidth and no lag.
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    Server Name: Galicia
    Server Location: USA

    Bukkit Survival PvP server with Towny and Iconomy

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    I realise that this might be a long shot, but I figured it was worth a try nonetheless. I'm really enjoying Minecraft so far, though I'm eager to play it with someone else. I've tried a number of servers so far and couldn't really find anyone who was mature, friendly and likeminded. I don't care much for hoarding valuables, yet that seems to be what a lot of players are focused on. Perhaps I expect a little too much, but I'd appreciate it if someone could PM me if they want to team up and settle down somewhere to explore and build to our hearts content!

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    The Batcave, Sweden
    Servername: Duxland
    Location: amsterdam
    Cap: 25 atm, will raise when needed!
    Whitelist: On
    100mbit 24/7 server.
    1,5 gbit Ram, will be raised when needed - ATM no lagg at all.

    Come join my much appreciated server, non-pvp, no griefing, warps, iEconomy, shops and much much more.
    Click the picc and leave an apply! <3

    Thank you Shyama <3
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    Server Name: MadKinglouis Survival Server *NEW*
    Website: None
    Server Location:London UK
    Population:10+ Small
    Kervargh-Hippy Horde-Exodar-USA
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    Retaliator is a small community 100% legit build server.
    We pride ourselves on having friendly and respectable administration.
    Professionally hosted server.
    Many helpful and easy to use plugins.
    Chest and door locks.
    No fear of creepers destroying your builds.
    Average age 17+
    Refer a friend program
    Virtual chests. A chest you can open anywhere,anytime without physically having it.
    Automated PvP Arena
    World Events
    Much more.

    We are in need of great builders and players in general! We aren't' very restrictive on what you do some small rules though. All respectable people welcome.
    Fill out Whitelist app otherwise I will ignore you. PM me your app.
    Minecraft username:
    How will you interact with others?
    Do you agree to to abide by all rules? (Subject to change see in game rules)

    Check your inbox after applying
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    Haven: Never need the light of day again

    Server Name: Haven
    Website: None
    Server Location: Washington D.C.
    Population: Limit 20, but may be able to take more
    IP: Given out after you apply
    Whitelist: Yes
    Mods: Bukkit, Essentials Suite, Epiczones, Voxelsniper (limited access), Ventrilo

    About the Server:

    Haven is a server centered around a Geofront (as in Neon Genesis Evangelion) and focused on building cities, biomes, and art underground. The server is intended for adult (18+) players who have an interest in playing Minecraft for the sake of making art and showing off art to others in the community, not beating the game. However, the server still plays in creative mode by default to encourage making practical creations such as farms and houses along with pure works of art.

    How to get on:

    Fill out the app in this Minecraft Forums topic and send it to either my Minecraft account (themaelstrom) by PM or send it to me by PM on this site. You get the IP once your application is approved.

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    Server Name: Keiles Super Server!
    Website: N/A
    Server Location: Orlando FL
    Population: 18
    White List: Yes
    Mods: Bukkit

    -The server is guarded by WorldGuard, griefing will NOT be acceptable.
    -Please be respectful of other players and have fun.
    -This is a Survival mode server.

    How to gain access: Contact me via PM or AIM at Eliek19 and answer a few questions.

    Server is currently offline until further notice.
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    Champ City Server

    Champ city server -
    (survival w/ pvp, anti-grief, economy!)

    champ city server
    -high anti-grief measures
    -daily backups
    -dedicated server w/ 99.9% uptime
    -iconomy+stores+ability to sell for $
    -pvp world
    -pvp tournaments
    -20 slot
    -a nice server w/ friendly admins!

    Join today:
    our website:
    our forums:

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    Sever IP:

    Fresh new server dedicated to PvP.

    Here at Blood Dawn we have few rules and encourage PvP and griefing.
    Something that makes this server a little unique is I or any other future admins will NEVER log in. The only exception when we log in is when we investigate claims of hacking, threats, or any other dispute. So don't worry about abusive admins because they do not exist here.

    No hacking
    You're using a mod and don't think it qualifies as hacking? Ask yourself does it give you an advantage over others? If yes than it will result in a ban.
    Do not spam.

    Some of the plugins we're running are;
    X-ray informer
    creative gates
    Chest shop

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    BNS Minecraft

    The BNS Team Fortress 2 group (Bugger Nugger Slugger) is now running a minecraft survival server, feel free to join us!

    Server IP:


    • Dynamic Map
    • Factions
    • mcMMO
    • Runecraft
    • BOSEEconomy
    • Showcase
    • Mobcatcher
    • EXPminer
    • ... Much more.

    Everyone is welcome as long as they know how to behave! (No white-list)

    The rules are pretty much common sense, no flaming, no griefing, no spamming, so on...

    Don't bother asking for a place as admin, it won't happen. If I need extra people in my staff I'll personally select them, pretty much the same goes for free items.

    Make sure to use our forum if you come across any bugs or if you have any doubts, or you can just pass by to say “Hello!”

    Remember, we also have a great Team Fortress 2 with a fun & mature community, if you feel like shooting some of those buggers, feel free to

    Thanks & Have fun ~

    UPDATE: White List Added, sorry but the server was overrun-ed by little kids who seems to have a lot of fun trying to destroy the server, if you wish to play with us leave an application at our forum.
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    If you are looking for a Creative Minecraft Server!

    You are welcome to join our server.

    50 players slots.
    Hosted in Chicago.
    Creative Mode available after a week.
    Lot of kits avaibable for your first week.

    You can find the IP on

    See ya!

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    Prolific Craft

    New York
    Population cap of 50 currently will upgrade if it is needed

    We are a survival server with factions, mcmmo, essentials, falsebook, iconomy, and other plugins
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