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    Server Listings

    Post'em :3 to help all of us who hadn't found a place to call home, or a community to build with. Please list them in the following format for ease of reading, to avoid any 'dis srvr is so gewd.

    Server Name: 
    Server Location:
    Websites with server listings are awesome as well.

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    Let me be the first to post my own hosted server

    Free to join

    Server Name: (this server don`t have a name yet)
    Website: non
    Server Location: The Netherlands
    Server version: 1.8.1 Bukkit
    Population: 20 (adding more slots when its needed)
    Whitelisted: No

    World Map:
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    Server Name: Hardcore's Server
    Server Location: USA
    Slots: 35

    Fun, friendly server with a survival-ish setup (includes shops)

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    Server Name: Super-Earth
    Server Location: USA
    Slots: 500
    Whitelisted: YES
    Minecraft Version: 1.8.1

    to join the server you need to apply at minecraft forums, here is the link:
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    Server Name: Norton
    Website: N/A
    Server Location: England
    Slots : 20

    This is my server that me and some real life friends have worked on, come check it out

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    Server Name: Cute Inc
    Server Location: Philadelphia, PA
    Slots: 35
    IP: (no port required)

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    Server Name: CKM Gaming
    Server Location: Central United States
    Population10/30/60/100?) 100

    Server Details
    -Version 1.8.1 SMP, Bukkit
    -24/7 Dedicated Server
    -100 Player Slots
    -Intel Xeon E3-1270 processor (four physical 3.4ghz cores on QPI + hyperthreading + turbo->3.8ghz)
    -16 GB DDR3-1333 ECC memory
    -160 GB Intel SSD

    New users are asked to sign up on the forum with their in-game minecraft name and fill out a quick application to get whitelisted
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    Every post needs to also list what version they're running. 1.7.3, 1.8.1, 1.9pre, etc.
    Also Whitelisted : yes/no

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    Server Name: Public Build/Creative Server (8000)
    Version: 1.8.1 Bukkit
    Server Location: Denver, CO (Mid-West USA)
    Population: 30

    Server Name: Public PvP/Survival Server (8800)
    Version: 1.8.1 Bukkit
    Population: 15

    Server Details
    -24/7 Dedicated Server
    -8 GB ECC memory
    -Data-center Bandwidth

    More details on our website and
    8000 on || 8800 on
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    Server Name: GAHcraft
    Server Location: USA
    Population10/30/60/100?) 30~

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    Server Name: Evocatus
    Version: 1.8.1
    Server Location: USA
    Population: 60+ active

    Server Details
    -No whitelist!
    -PVP everywhere!
    -bukkit enabled!
    -The Premier Towny + Heroes Server!
    -50 slots!
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    Server Name: Creative / Survival
    Server Location: Norway
    Slots: 100

    Norwegian Minecraft server, 100 slots.

    Stable userbase, but always space for more ;=) Mostly norwegian pepole on the server, a small and great community!

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    Server Name: Mine Heroes
    Website: work in progress (not done)
    Server Location: Chicago, USA
    Slots: 42

    I'm running the Mo'Creatures SMP mod. To run the game with Mo'Creatures, you must open your minecraft.jar with an archiver, such as 7zip or WinRAR, and delete the META-INF folder; then download and install the following, in order:

    ModLoader 1.8.1 -
    ModLoaderMP 1.8.1 -
    AudioMod 1.8.1 -
    GUIAPI 1.8.1 -

    Then you must download the Mo'Creatures SMP file from here:

    Mo'CreaturesSMP 1.8.1 -

    Open the archive and copy the two folders from CLIENT to your .minecraft root folder (\%appdata%\ .minecraft)

    Close the archive and open Minecraft then connect to:

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    Server Name: Garden of Tranquility
    Server Location: Sweden
    Slots: 25
    IP: for survival or for creative

    Heya! This is our server called Garden of Tranquility. We run off a 100/100 connection on a super-computer back in Sweden, on a ramdisk. We've been running the server since november last year and we've kept a solid community with a fluctuating population, don't fret though - there will mostly always be people if you visit in the evening or on the weekends. This is also a vanilla server with the exception of the griefer-preventation plugins.

    More (updated) information here:

    I'm also called Median on the IRC.

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    Server Name: Imprisoned
    Server Location: United Kingdom
    Population: 150 slots

    Minecraft prison server. For more information look on the website, and to get whitelisted. Also look on the website.
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    Server Name: Thatcraft
    Website: (Somewhat in progress)
    Server Location: Sweden
    Population10/30/60/100?) Fresh server, it's 25 slots atm and will be upgraded when necessary.

    Me and some IRL mates has started up a server. Currently I'm the one paying for it, lols. I will keep upgrading it whenever I see it necessary. It's currently located in Sweden and we're running with a 25 slot atm. The site itself is a Invisionpower board which is naturally fully licensed, with a really nice looking skin from IPB Forum Skins, a friend of mine's site.

    Really in need of just people really, and 1-3 mods, but we'll sort that out once we see people who are good n active.

    We're running some plugins such as teleporting, kits, and more. Chest protection and such should be up soon. Come with suggestions on the site after playing and we'll get right on it.

    Would be nice if some people would join in and join our minecraft family!

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    thought I would put the server I play in here.

    Server Name: boss server
    Server Location: US
    Population10/30/60/100?) 50 slots, id say usually 20-40 players on

    Its basically a smp / pvp server, but with free diamond tools. protection is available by making a petition (type </pe create protect my home > while standing in it.)
    rest of plugins can be seen by typing /plugins
    no whitelist
    there is a fair bit of pvp so be prepared for that
    2 worlds, a new one for 1.8 and the old map. so far I think they have the same rules.
    no pvp at spawn.
    type /kit tools for diamond tools
    creepers and dynamite hurt but do not break blocks

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    the Netherlands
    Server Name: Unnamed So Far
    Website: -
    Server Location: The Netherlands (English will be main language)
    Population10/30/60/100?) 12 slots, current population 4.
    IP: This will be provided after having contact in private messaging.

    When 1.9. comes, our server will need a new world. Our old buildings will be transferred to the new world. This will be done with MCEdit.
    Currently we are a friendly based server who are based on developing the world and making villages or beautiful buildings. Personally I make secret hiding places along. There are tons of secret hiding places, passages or even underground houses around.

    When 1.9. is being release Bukkit will probably take a while to be updated. This means the server will lack plug-ins for a small period of time. We will use plugins like;

    Counter-Griefing Plug-Ins
    Summoning Monsters
    Weather Control
    Easy Teleporting

    Any feedback on other Plug-Ins are welcome.

    About our server;

    We're a small but a good developing server with 4 people. Everyone is free to build where ever they want and ofc. griefing is illegal. However it should be noted if someone see's some faults or some small improvements they are allowed to do these if they wish to do so. If the person who originally made this piece is not happy with the change, please note the change in a professional way and change the part back to normal.

    The people on the server are mature but they like to fool around with each other. (On our previous world 1.7.1. I've set up a forest fire to scare a friend that his hand-made village would burn down). When he got to the place he found a sign saying; Problem? and nothing was destroyed. The purpose of the server is to build a small community where people like to hang-out and build some stuff. You aren't required to log-on the server every day.

    For safety/protection issues, I use Hamachi since I only want to keep the fresh and good apples, and keep the rotten out. So for more information on this server and to make yourself eligible, please contact me privately.

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    Server Name: Reddit MC
    Server Location: Midwest
    Population: 350+
    IP: / / /

    Check the website for rules.

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