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    Server Name: CharlieCraft PvP
    Server Location: CA
    Population: 60

    New Server! New Map! New Seed!

    • Full world PvP - If you find a building or person in the wilderness. You can kill them, take their things, and smash up thier home. You can protect your homes by starting towns.
    • Towny - Start a town to protect what you own. Even free players can start a town right after logging in.
    • Economy - You will need to learn how to make money before you can expand your small seltment into a large town.
    • Hardcore - If you are killed you will loose your stuff. There is no teleportation, this is vanilla rules. You will spawn at spawn when you die untill you create or join a town. Then you will spawn at your town spawn when you die. There is no form of travel other than your own two feet.
    • Ranks - Ranks are fully synced with the web site. Just sign up and you will start to rank up over time and based on certain forum activity.
    • Daily log in bonus- You will get zenni just by logging in every day. You can use this to help expand your town, and pay your taxes.
      Come check us out.

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    Our minecraft server "Titan" - Come and join us!

    Hallo there fellow mmo'ers!

    My friend and I have recently started our own minecraft server (Titan). We're at the moment advertising it on different forums and hoping to meet some players who would like to join us!

    Titan is a survival multi-player (SMP) server open for everybody. We've even got our own homepage (still in progression tho):

    Anyhow I hope i'll see some of you guys there!



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    Aww yeah, I'd love to get some SMP on minecraft! I may join you fellows

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    I'd like to join yalls server Plaque, lookin 4 a home!

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    Server Name: Isaacs Server
    Server Location: Sweden
    Looking for more regular players
    there is even a dynmap if you want to check out whats on before playing, copy paste this in the browser, 3dview is on the menu on the rightside, top-middlebutton.

    (Its a proper paid server, 24/7 uptime)
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    Server Name: Creative/Survival
    Server Location: Norway
    Slots: 50

    Norwegian server primary, but also a few english pepole play there aswell. We have a age limit at 18, wich means the server is very small but fine!

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    At Dreadcraft, it's not uncommon to find people flocking together in towns. They fear the wilderness. Only the blood thirsty survivors find a way to make it out there. Got what it takes? Prove it.


    You won't find a better survival experience on any other server. We have a dedicated server that can hold well over 100 people. We adhere strictly to the survival SMP experience. Our staff is online round-the-clock to assist you with anything you need, from setting up a town to informing you how to punch trees. No question is a stupid one, so newbies and veterans alike are welcome.

    Dreadcraft is a survival based server. We do not give hand outs, and do not allow creative mode. Everything on our server has been mined and built by hand by the members. We have plenty of addons to enhance the game-play and to liven up PVP. We also allow guests to join the server, but build rights have to be applied for. Visit our site for more info:

    Server is online 24/7. Hosted on a T1 backbone w/ 16GB Memory / AMD FX-8150 8-Core CPU / C300 SSD's. Powerful UPS system ensures connection in the event of power outages. Bi-daily backups to ensure no data is lost.


    The server has 64 active plugins.

    Featured plugins:
    - Spout (+ Tie-in Plugins)
    - Town Advanced (modified)
    - Multiverse
    - MobArena
    - McMMO
    - Dynamp + DynampTowny (Live Map)
    - Worldguard + Worldedit
    - Citizens , Denizens, Blacksmiths and more!
    - CraftBook
    - Spout
    - RideThaDragon
    - DragonTravel
    - MobRider
    - Lockette
    - ChestShop
    - Logblock
    - PermissionsEX
    - Essentials (full package)
    - Herochat
    - FoundDiamonds
    And many more!

    We host many great events which include (but are not limited to) DreadGames (PVP event inspired by The Hunger Games, with a Dreadcraft feel to it!), Building contests, video contests etc! We have a Tutorial Island set up to help you with Craftbook and all components and other plugins.

    How to play:

    You will find upon logging in, you start off in a hallway of signs. We ask that you read all signs and then proceed to our forums. You must register, and then submit an application for building rights. This is mandatory.

    A mod will usually get back to you very quick. The whole signup process takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

    If you enjoy playing on Dreadcraft
    please leave us a comment here!

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    Prophecycraft 1.2.5 [150slots][survival][factions][pvp][iconomy][multiworlds]

    Welcome to the page of ProphecyCraft! Minecraft 1.2.5 !!

    We are a 24/7 Cracked Factions PvP Survival Server. FREE TO PLAY !
    IP :
    Alternative IP :
    WebSite : ProphecyCraft Dot Org

    So we see you like Minecraft.
    But the question is, are you good at it?
    We can tell you. ProphecyCraft is a Factions PvP Mcmmo server, with customary
    mob drops, lurking dangers and surprises to keep you on your toes.
    Leave no stone unturned, no creeper unslain, because everywhere you look there is adventure to be had in ProphecyCraft.
    Every corner you turn you find yourself surrounded, one enemy after another.
    Bloodied and weary, you decide you have but one solution.
    And that is to fight.

    ProphecyCraft is a hardcore PvP Raiding server, Having a great plugin called Factions allows users to create their own little Guild wich can grow to great sizes. Each faction can claim parts of land. Each Faction member has a certain amount of power. each power can be used to claim one chunk of land for their faction. Chests, blocks, levers, buttons and more will be protected within this land. If you die you will lose power, and when the total faction power goes below the amount of land claimed, it can be stolen and raided! This adds alot of potential to the game. We also have great roleplay improving plugins like Jobs, Where you can perform certain actions to gain money and McMMO, to gain skills and preform certain special actions.
    I hope you will have a great time. For a quick tutorial on how to join and on how most of the plugins work
    Then visit the forums at ProphecyCraft Dot Org

    ° Factions °
    ° PvP °
    ° NoCheat °
    ° Anti-Xray °
    ° NoAbuse °
    ° Fun °
    ° Cracked °
    ° Free °
    ° NoResets °
    ° Backups °
    ° Shops °
    ° Economics °
    ° ShowCases °
    ° Warps °
    ° Arena °

    Owner :
    Co-Owner :

    I allow no abusive admins ! I love the interaction and talking to the players and I will always be a listening ear to Suggestions or complaints ! I love playing minecraft and spending my time on or working on the server ! Hope I can meet you ingame!

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    A faction based server that encourages raiding and griefing! Find other people's bases and loot to your heart's content! Faction land remains unprotected as long as 1 member of the faction is online! This means that you don't need that fancy TnT and pistons to raid, just a pickaxe or a shovel!

    Create alliances, make enemies, have fun!

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    Server MineVicioStudios v5.0

    Server name: MineVicioStudios
    Server location: Brazil (you'd say that it's a problem beacause of the distance but trust me, i have a really good internet and a host my server from a true server that i bought in the US)
    Population: 100


    - Admin Shop: buy and sell items from the server
    - MobArena: fight with monsters
    - PvP Arena: fight against other players
    - Telypads: teleport for all biomes
    - Griefing: destroy your enemies' house
    - Towny: create a town, invite your friends, make alliances with other cities and fight against your enemies' cities
    - Local Chat: don't see to much messages, only from nearby players
    - mcMMO: get exp for mining, wood cutter, unarmed and much more
    - Economy
    - Events

    Before anyone complain about griefing, know that once you are in a town or have a town, people can't break anything or kill you

    Additional Information:

    - Total translated for english
    - Survival mode
    - No lag
    - PvP in whole world (not in spawn)
    - No white-list
    - Server 24 hours/day online
    - Bukkit version: 1.2.5-R3.0
    - One of the best rated servers in WebCheats forum
    - Have already had the same number of players of Dark-Infinity (before a long update)

    We are waiting for you!
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    Server Name: EpicCraft
    Website: none
    Server Location: UK
    Population: 20

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    Awesome new anarchy minecraft server!

    Awesome new anarchy server. No rules. No whitelist. Please join!

    Server IP:

    The server will be open 24/7

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    Server Name: Dont realy have a name for it
    Website: none
    Server Location: Seattle Washington
    Mostly for anyone looking to play with some friends,only rule is dont piss staples1989 or ariya21 off.

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    Survival is Everything

    “Survival is Everything” is an all new story-driven survival RPG server by Ragsmuffin Entertainment. The server takes place in the world of Empyreus many centuries before the great destruction of the world which all that remained were the scattered skylands. In this era the lands of Empyreus are home to a lush world of continents and oceans. In Survival is Everything, players will take the role as humans in their epic struggle against the oppressive elders, a similar, more ancient race that sees mankind as a threat to their peace. Players will start out in the grand Council City, home to the human leadership and magnificent architecture, however you’re not there to stay. In this world players will be able to rule themselves, from being wandering nomads or building up new nations, players will have a wide range of choices from what they do as a role and where their allegiance stands.

    For many centuries the world was ruled by the Elder race. One day, however, a new race would emerge. A descendant of the Elder race, this new race was intellectually superior to their fore bearers, having plans that went against the Elders’ traditions. This new race was that of the humans. Humans were seen as a threat to the peace of the world: Instead of being united they tended to be swallowed by their own personal ambitions and greed. They fought among themselves in many bloody wars, and in the end, to preserve the peace, the Elder race set out to exterminate humanity.

    At this point in time the war has paused. The endless crusade against humanity has stopped and the massive forces of the Elders have receded back into the darkness. Now there is peace and humanity has built settlements and cities that they can truly call home. Many of the wandering humans, the nomads, would soon join these nations or even form their own. However, when night comes, the forces of the Elders still stalk those who are wandering far from safety, reminding humanity that they have not yet won the war.

    (More of the background story and the council can be found on the forum itself! Justl ook for the post called Survival is Everything)

    - Ambition
    - Unity
    - Discovery
    - Survival
    - Trade
    - Alleginace
    - Empire
    - Skills and Jobs (Soon upcoming Herocraft update!)

    If interested please register at:
    Join the forum, and look for the Application Topic! = )Make an application, and ill make sure its looked at properly!
    Please mention you got send there from here, so we know at what place you heard about us.
    If your having troubles or any questions, feel free to PM me here or on Ours Forums!

    Thanks and hope to see you all on SiE Soon!

    Server Name: Survival is Everything (SiE)
    Population: Currently 30 - 40, mostly around 10 - 15 on in Evenings!
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    Server Name: Lands of Zaran
    Server Location: France
    Population: Currently max. 12, looking to expand shortly.

    Welcome to 'Lands of Zaran'! That's what you hear on login to our server! We have limited slots, only 12, but we are going to be expanding. We are a 'Towny' RPG aspects server. We are always looking for new players to play on our server, and have fun! We have over 30 plug-ins, some more important than others:
    1. Iconomy
    2. Towny
    3. Multiverse
    4. Jobs
    And a few others! Our ip is: We have dedicated hosting, so you will get minimal lag! Come and join our server today and see more!
    Happy crafting!

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    Server Name: Planet TitanCraft
    Server Location: USA
    Population: 20 cap server, will constantly be upgraded.

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    Revenge Realms
    Hardcore PVP

    500GB HDD
    Dual-Quad Xeon 3.4ghz
    100Mbit Port
    16GB RAM

    ------------------------------------------------- Info -------------------------------------------------
    RevengeRealms is a highly developed, challenging experience with intense, fast paced PvP and a focus on fun. We hold weekly events such as serverwide capture the flag matches, spleefing tournaments, chaotic treasure hunts and colossal drop parties.

    Will you be the heroic general leading your army to victorious triumph, a noble soldier risking your existance to aid your comrades in battle, or a lone wolf stealthily preying on the weak in the wilderness? Battle alongside your friends or build a nation of your own as you gratify your thirst for revenge and see the suffering of your foes as you conquer their base and obliterate their homes.

    Our dedicated staff implement regular finetuning and balancing measures to make this server a rewarding and exciting PvP experience for all our members. We deal with rulebreakers and queries efficiently via our in game ticketing system and online forums. Response time is absolutely minimal so rest assured that no question or concern will go unanswered.

    Here at RevengeRealms we have TnT and lava enabled and grieifng of enemy bases is not only allowed but encouraged! The world is your battlefield, join us today and experience the fast paced world of real PvP!

    -------------------------------------------- Features --------------------------------------------

    • Factions
    • PvP
    • War
    • McMMO
    • SimpleSpleef
    • iConomy
    • NO LAG
    • 24/7 dedicated server with 98%+ uptime
    • Forums and TeamSpeak!

    We're right now working on building a larger community so that the pvp action never stops. We'd love to see you come visit the server and check us out.
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    Pure Anarchy | PvP | No Rules | No Censorship | No Protection | Vanilla (with a few key improvements) | Epic World | Up 24/7 | Mature Staff | Exciting World PvP Events | Fresh Map


    A famous man once said, "Art is the triumph over chaos.", then somebody killed him, stole his items, and griefed his house. If that sounds like a good time to you or you enjoy the thrill of building a base on a server where your life and loot is in constant jeopardy, then Craft Chaos might be the right server for you. We have no rules. And when I say we have no rules I really mean that. Be as rude, crude, and cruel as you want, we prefer to let nature run it's course. Piss off enough people and eventually your uppance will come. Whether you hunt players, raid chests, or earn your ore the old fashion way the choice is yours.

    We believe leaving players to their own devices is the best way to run a server. But we enjoy adding the occasional optional opportunity at some pvp and loot through a bit of organized chaos. If your in game when a chest is about to drop you'll hear a call go out in chat. If your interested you've got 20 minutes to gear up and get down to the Arena before a chest of random goodies hits the floor and the melee ensues.

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    New Creative PVP server

    new creative pvp server with arenas, currently 3 will add more later. can only pvp in arenas. Pick a plot and start building what u like

    Port 25565

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    Should have a clean up of servers which are inactive, aka remove said posts.
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