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    Washington, D.C
    Climactic Gaming Minecraft Community!

    Server Type: Tekkit/Survival/PvP Enabled/Whitelisted
    Server Plugins: Jobs/mcMMO/Essentials/WorldGuard/WorldEdit/ChestShops/LWC + More!
    Server Website:
    Server Address:
    Server Uptime: 100% 24/7 - Professionally Hosted
    Avg # of Players (usually logged in): 8
    Max Server Can Hold: 14-16
    Server Start Date: July 18th, 2012 (Brand New so claim your spot today!)
    Goal of Server: To be a small tight community and have fun. We will stay small and not grow to more than 20 active players at a time.

    We do have extra benefits for players who donate to help the server!
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    Can I join the Climactic Gaming server as long as I'm not pvp-ed unless I want to, and I'm not griefed. Ign: demolition8r

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    [email protected]

    BNS Survival Server

    Server IP: BNSOUTLAWS.CO.UK:25565

    Server Map:


    Plugin List:

    Showcase Standalone
    Universal Exp
    Ore Obfuscation
    Sponge Restore
    Street Lights
    Command Book
    BNS Creative Server

    Server IP: BNSOUTLAWS.CO.UK:25566

    Server Map:



    Command Book

    1) Don't grief.

    2) Don't exploit.

    3) Don't cheat. (Xray, fly cheat, etc)

    3) Don't flame.

    4) Don't spam.

    5) Don't abuse capslock.

    6) Don't ask staff members to spawn items, monsters, teleport, etc.

    7) English ONLY in public chat, otherwise use the faction chat.

    PvP in the survival server is allowed. It's part of the game. If you are having problems being ganked, stay inside your faction territory or use /spawn to teleport into a safezone. Remember that if a faction starts a war with another, one of them may lose territory over it, be careful! Feel free to fill your territory with traps to avoid problems.

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    Server Name: VectronCraft
    Website: www . vectroncraft . com
    Server Location: Texas
    Population: 1-15 people, depending on time of day.
    IP: mc.vectroncraft . com

    No griefing, no swearing. PVP is active.

    Towny, Showcase Shop, server shop and /sell hand features, SecureChest, DynMap

    Towny prices are pretty cheap, the upkeep does not go up with the amount of plot claims you have right now.

    Spleef, Mob Arena, Connect 4, and other games.

    We recently reset the map with 1.3 so there is a lot of land that remains unexplored. For example, only one stronghold has been found and is being used. Several upstart towns and factions are vying for control and bragging rights, so now is a good time to get into it without being behind in the race.

    Looking to get some more adult players, specifically. I get lonely when cultural references fly over the heads of many. A lot of people thought my Captain Picard skin was just an old man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FistyFisterson View Post
    A lot of people thought my Captain Picard skin was just an old man.
    Tis a sad sad day when the people your playing with are too young for Star Trek....
    ... On the hunt for a new laptop ...

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    Guilty Gamer's Minecraft

    Server Name: Guilty Gamer's Minecraft
    Type: Public | Survival | Factions | Bukkit
    Server Plugins: Essentials, World Guard, LWC+, PermissionsEX, Timber, NoCheatPlus (User Mods Allowed), Factions, Anti-Grief Logging, and more!
    Server Location: US/Georgia
    Slots: 12 (upgrading as slots get full)

    Guilty Gamers is a MultiGaming Community. We play more games than just Minecraft. These games are Counter Strike (CS 1.6, CSS, & CS:GO), Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, World of Warcraft and many more!
    We have monthly Giveaways for games such as Skyrim, Darkness II and many more!
    We do many events for multi games to attract new players and let our members have more fun!

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    Server Name: Vanilla Rising
    Server Location:CA USA
    Population10/30/60/100?) 7/50

    Vanilla Server No mods by whitelist only
    whitelist app here or on thread

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    Lightbulb [24/7] tekkit 3.1 30 slot server! Minimal restrictions

    Based in Paris with 30 slots (not sure how stable this will be, so this is subject to change)

    The server currently has no whitelist but there will be one at some point.

    How do i get access to the server?

    This time around lets do things a little differently. If you log onto the server you will see the
    great wall of whitelistness-ness!

    Do what you have to do to place a sign upon the wall with your in-game name to be added to the whitelist when one is finally enforced

    (Anyone caught messing about with the wall will be instantly disqualified for white-ness and banned)

    For the time being there's no real protection Essentials is installed but still needs to be configured, we simply have to just get along.

    Any problems or griefing on the server? just let me know (IGN: Khrums)

    Note: it may lag on occasion, needs a little tuning...

    Restrictions / Rules:

    1. Play as you would with you're own friends
    2. Don't exploit Tekkit... ever...
    3. Do what ever you want! (except grief)...
    4. No Hacking / Invis Texture packs
    5. Etc Etc. Just don't be a dick

    All Tekkit additions are enabled EE2 etc.. etc..
    The following are inaccessible:
    [Subject to change via popular demand]

    Harvest Band
    Void Ring
    Black Hole Band
    Watch of Time
    Destruction Catalyst
    Red Matter Tools
    Red Matter Armour
    Divining Rod
    Transmutation Table

    If you are interested in becoming a part of this server please help keep this topic on / near the front page until we have a nice player count by simple stating if you have / will add the the wall of whitelist-ness...ness


    Server IP:

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    I'll direct you to the following thread:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greevir View Post
    I'll direct you to the following thread:
    Merged threads.

    I'll also take this time to note that any threads that are purely for advertising ones server that are not in this thread are going to merely be deleted. The sticky has been up for a long time, there really shouldn't be any need for people to post their own threads.

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    Here's me and my friend's server:


    located in Uddevalla, Sweden

    24 player slots


    Forgot to mention, it's not yet updated to latest version, because of unstable Bukkit release.
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    Server Name: RefreshProjects
    Server Location: , Dallas, TX, USA
    Population: We have a number of servers, with hundreds of players!
    Tekkit Classic: - Whitelisted
    Vanilla: - Whitelisted

    You can apply for whitelisting here:

    Server Rules:
    We have very few "rules" more expectations:
    1) Play Nice - Some people are happy with PvP and others just like being on a server to show off their building skill and enjoy the community, please respect people in both groups.
    2) No Griefing
    3) Use common sense, courtesy and decency
    4) In other words, play nice

    No mods have been disabled, however EE has been modified to allow for easier rollbacks of greifed land.

    We also have an online shop allowing players to purchase upgrades from plugins such as more slots for the backpack plugin, harder to get in-game items and VIP ranks. Although we may promote the web-shop a lot everything you can buy in the shop you are able to get in-game at no expense other than playtime, the shop is mealy there to help players who do not have the time required to stay competitive. (and help generate a little towards the cost of keeping the server running)

    How and Why we started:
    We started off as just a small group of regular players who enjoyed playing together so much we made our own server, after a couple of weeks we found that the play-style was so great that we decided to open it up to the public and let everyone else share in the fun!
    We are now so successful that we have been able to move it to a paid professional hosting plan to limit downtime and expand our player-base while maintaining a lag free experience!

    We often engage in fun activities such as DropParties, PVP WarZones/Duels.

    Who are we looking for:
    We are looking for more like minded respectful players to come and have fun with us, we welcome players who enjoy playing with other people not against them. We also aim not just to play together in this game, but also many others!

    Ranks and Restrictions:
    While we do not take any steps to ban or block items to players we do restrict their usage to players who have been playing long enough to show that they care about our server. This is done through the use of ranks and auto-promotion features provided by "OnTime"
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    Server Name: Batescraft
    Server Location: California
    Population: 30
    Whitelisted: No

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    Server Name: Heroic Order (Multiverse)
    Server Location: St. Louis, MO
    Population: 16 for now, we will expand

    Heroic Order's Multiverse server features; PVP, Survival, and Creative with portals to each realm at spawn and back again to easily go from realm to realm as you please! We also allow Sethome and Factions, so check us out today!

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    Server Name:

    Spare your vote ( for GreedCraft!
    Well appreciated!


    Server Location:


    Connect to;

    Short description:

    Our server is online 24/7 and we try the best we can to keep an up-time of over 95%. Please read through our website to learn more about our server. If you got any questions, don't hesitate to contact us through the contact form, or ask your questions in-game. We are still looking for "guides" to support players!
    We hope to see you in-game soon.

    Some rules:

    -No Hate/Phallic symbols/other offensive builds.
    -This is a family friendly server.
    -No Xray / Speed / Fly hacks / PVP-PVE helpers are allowed!
    -These will result in a permanent ban!
    -No harassment, or insulting other players.
    -This includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, etc... Be nice!
    -No spamming or advertising, doing any of these will lead to a swift (and possibly permanent) ban!
    -No server bashing, as in insulting the server staff or the server itself.
    -Do not abuse glitches/hacks. We have a thread for bug reports and you may even get a reward for reporting it.

    Bypassing any form of punishment for any reason will result in a longer to permanent ban!

    -The GreedCraft Team
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    Server Name: Isaacs server
    Website: -
    Server Location: Sweden

    It's a rented server, so 24/7 uptime
    No griefing / hate, only love and teamwork

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    Hello there, and thanks for taking the time to read this topic.

    Considering me nor any friends of mine has spotted this before we thought it might be a nice idea.
    We are a community of friends that enjoy gaming, that includes Minecraft, Every weekend atleast, we will play mini games, but we need more people for it.! below a small explanation plus more information

    Visit for when the next mini game starts, if you are quick enough we can let you in, if not you have to wait for the next round, we will try and do as much games as we can, and the bigger we grow, we can acctualy hand out prizes ( Headsets, Keyboards and so on )

    So please by all means visit and use this IP aswell! NO WHITELISTING

    Please note : Later on when we notice people like it, we will hand out polls and let people choose what minigame they want to play! Interested? Or got any tips/tricks dont hesitate to reply or ask!

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    Loooking for a server

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    Come Join us

    Come join us in our new minecraft server we are new to this so skilled people appreciated thanks again guys ip is

    Server name - Dec

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    Need Builders and Free Diamonds when you join!

    Hi everyone,

    My server, Limitless Minecraft, is looking for builders.

    To apply, please join us in-game at:

    You will need to prove your building abilities in-game (I cannot trust screenshots, as they could be stolen). Good builders will be promoted and given access to creative. Those with OUTSTANDING building ability will be given worldedit access, and possibly also a staff rank.

    Thank you, and I hope to see you in-game!
    Tech... Tell me in game and get 5 diamonds in game from me

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