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    There's a thread dedicated to Server recruiting. I'd advise using that.

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    -- Spleef, HungerGames, Capture the flag, SkyBlock, Connect Four, Parkour &more --

    Server Name: McMonarch
    Server Location: France
    Population: 60+

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    Server Name: Limitless MC
    Server Location: US
    Population10/30/60/100?) 100

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    Just launched: Deus Gaming Public PvP Server [SMP][PvP]{GriefPrevention thru Factions}{1.5.1}{Whitelisted, no email}{18+, community based}

    Deus Gaming is a multi-gaming community which has just launched its first public minecraft server to allow more player interactions and as a recruiting tool for the community. Gameplay on the server is near vanilla, uses factions for protect personal buildings, and encourages open world pvp. We are looking for fellow gamers who would like to play on a mature (18+) community based server that has zero tolerance for immaturity, hacking, and drama. To join the server, you will need to post on our forums to be whitelisted (details below; does not require an account or email address).

    Simply put: We are looking for mature, intelligent individuals who are looking for a community oriented, pvp based minecraft survival server.

    Server Details:
    Survival Multiplayer, PvP Server.
    50+ Slots.
    Players not protecting land are protected from PvP.
    Once factions is used to protect land, PvP is enabled.
    Protected Spawn and Outposts that allow quick/safe travel away from spawn.
    Protected Villagers at spawn, open for vanilla trades.
    PvP & PvE arenas coming soon!
    ZERO donor benefits. Never will diamonds or any other gear be given out.

    Respect all players on the server.
    No hacking, cheating, or griefing (perma-ban).
    Age 18+. We are looking for mature and intelligent individuals.
    No record of being banned from other servers.
    Strict use of a vanilla minecraft client with ZERO gameplay modifications.
    Do not complain, whine, bitch, or anything to cause drama (you will be banned).
    Do not ask to be a mod or receive OP status.

    What we are providing:
    High capacity minecraft server running on enterprise grade hardware.
    A simple and clean plugin setup providing a near vanilla experience.
    A drama free and mature community experience.
    A TeamSpeak3 server (voip), shared with our general community (limited access to non-members).
    A website and forum for continued communication.
    Zero in-game material benefit for donators. We do not even accept donations as of this posting.

    Above all, we will not hesitate to ban any players suspected of cheating, causing drama, killing ungeared players around spawn/outposts, or anything mods/admins see as inappropriate.

    Joining this server is ONLY a stepping stone into our community and DOES NOT guarantee future acceptance. If you do enjoy our community and have gotten to know our members and leadership then please feel free to apply to the community. Once accepted you will have full access to our website/forum, expanded access to vanilla minecraft servers, and future access to our Feed the Beast server. Members of our community have the potential to join and support the leadership of our minecraft section.

    To join: Visit our site HERE ( using the password "agree".
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    Gamental Minecraft

    Server Name: Gamental Minecraft
    Version: 1.5.1
    No whitelist
    Server Location: Germany, dedicated server (24GB RAM)
    Slots: 50, will go bigger if visits increase

    We've put a lot of effort on this server, focusing on protection, balance, interesting content and respect. The server is Survival/PvP, but we also added an Adventure touch to the mix so there are many interesting places to visit, including "jump and run" and puzzle levels of varying difficulty. New places to visit and explore are regularly added.

    Thanks for your visit!

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    GNFCraft is recruiting 1 or 2 people to join us on our heavily modded Minecraft server. We're looking for someone who'll actually log on fairly regularly and is not afraid of getting made fun of in Teamspeak. We're on a 2GB server hosted in Dallas, TX that can easily handle 1 or 2 more people. We currently have three people on the server, Greevir (me, derp), Neolojik, and Fuzzzie. We're looking for people who'll fit in to our playstyle and personalities. (And Neolojik is looking for someone to take the title of Supreme Bad away from him).

    If you are interested in what we run on the server, take a look at Fuzzzies Modded Minecraft thread HERE.

    We are in the process of putting the server together and should be done in a few days.

    If you are remotely interested, PM me with a message telling us why you think you would fit in. We'll then try to get you into Teamspeak (btw, having Teamspeak is a requirement for playing on the server) to talk to you a bit to see how well you'll fit.

    Some basic requirements:

    1. You must be 20+. Sorry, just don't want to deal with kids, I don't like them.
    2. As stated above, you need Teamspeak. (yes, a microphone too)
    3. You need to able to speak clear English. (not trying to be a dick, but trying to translate poor english hurts my head.)
    4. You can't be an ass. (I'm the only one allowed to be one)
    5. No bronies. (I just put that there to piss people off)
    6. At least have a moderate knowledge of installing mods. (we won't play tech support with you)

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    Welcome Minecrafters!

    Today I am excited to tell you that the community of Light Knights is opening the doors to fellow minded builders!

    What does Light Knights offer?

    We have a large number of people playing multiple games aside of Minecraft, to name a few, WoW, Swtor, Defiance, Gw2 and many more. However this is of course a recruitement for Minecraft.

    About the server.

    Currently we run a bukkit survival server, the goal of the server is to keep the soul of minecraft alive but we do add a few things to improve the experience. The world is made up of two world, New and Old Gingerland. Old Gingerland was around since 1.2.5 and has various of buildings shown here.

    It isn't a PVP server, although maybe when people make community events/buildings we can set it on if that event needs it or is made for it. And yes, people are able and allowed and even encouraged to build things and set up a evening to enjoy that content.

    New Gingerland is around since 1.4.5 but is not even close to being build up like Old Gingerland was, which of course is our goal! And we want to invite more people to enjoy this world.

    Are there rules?

    Yes, there are rules, most are quite obviouse, no griefing, cheating, stealing etc, those things don't belong in any community game or any game for that matter. You also are not allowed to build directly at someone else's buildings, ask there permission before you do so. However mistakes happen, and due to our plugins we can correct most things, so you wont loose anything if you happen to 'mess up'.

    The plugins!

    Currently we run the plugins;

    Admin Plugins


    Player Plugins


    How do I join!?

    Visit then put in a application! Once approved, visit your profile, go to characters and add your Minecraft account name and you will be white listed automatically.

    Some Movies of the buildings and creations. From new to old.

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    Server Name: MC Arsenal
    Server Location: US
    Population: 20

    MC Arsenal is a custom scripted, automatic mini-game. It has the same concept of the Gun Game but with swords and bows. Once the game starts, you are given a wooden sword. Get kills to gain points and improve your weapon. Every kill will change your weapon. They greater your weapon is, the more points you receive. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

    Players who donate are able to use kits to help them win. No kit is too powerful/OP. We make all donor perks cheap and easy to afford for all to buy. We want you to be able to donate and use kits. It makes the server more special and interesting! Donators are allowed to secretly message each other with /msg, do their own announcements with /me, and can toggle server based announcements with /announce [toggle]. When a donor joins, they will hear a unique sound and have fireworks shoot out above their heads. What a way to be noticed when you join!

    We also keep track of your stats. Right now you can view your points with /stats. View others' stats with /statcheck. Your kills, deaths, total points, and points per round are recorded!

    Use your points when you have a bow to buy 2 different enchantments with /bshop. Or you can buy 3 different items to help you get kills. Using /shop, you have the choice of buying a molotov, grenade, or a healer. All items/enchantments purchased will subtract points from your total points and round points.

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    Server Name: ImagicaRealms
    Server Location: London, England
    Population: 48
    Whitelist: Yes
    Description: Modded-Vanilla - Plugins we use - Set Home, TPA, Land Claiming, Silk Spawners, Experience Multiplyer, Grief Prevention and Giant Caves

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    Server Name: Newbeginnings
    Location: England (not sure of city, guessing London)
    Amount of people: 20-35 during peak hours lately, many Americans as well
    Plugins: Semi-Vanilla Server, main game changing plugin is we have a player economy. Also have a live dynamap for people to use.

    Server Trailer:

    Extremely friendly and fun server. Vary lax building restrictions (just use common sense) and we are hopefully looking to expand our capacity (currently 40) in the future.
    Battletag: Vale#11596
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    Thumbs up Legacycraft server

    Legacy-Craft is an RPG server with lots to do. You start off in Newcomer Plaza and from there you gather starter gear and begin your journey. There are a few areas to choose from for now until more players join the server, but until then there is Gaza City (in the making) and Phoenix City. Phoenix City is the first main city created on Legacy-Craft. It has the Food Store and Police Station along with an armory, block sellers, and other shops scattered throughout the area.Newcomer Plaza has Portal to Imperial City right outside its walls. There is also a Subway that leads to Imperial City inside the spawn, just follow the signs. Discover places and caves that fellow Legacy-Craft members have yet to uncover. To be safe stay close to where others are building for extra protection.. If you're the adventurous type go beyond the safety of others and roam the world of Legacy-Craft and build desires.

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    Hello i have finally gotten my server up and ready to go, currently has skylands, survival games, creative plots, skyblock, pvp and regular survival. Come check it out and feel free to comment on this forum of your thoughts about the server.

    Bump and could use some diamonds on planet minecraft


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    Server Closed
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    Server Name: Legends PvP
    Server Location: Germany
    Population: 20

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    Server Name: CZ/SK Terrafirmacraft Server
    Server Location: SVK
    Population: 5

    This is our small czech slovak Terra Firma Craft server, it's for players who likes quiet relaxing gameplay in medieval settings.
    Server uses own modpack with just TFC as base mod and some TFC addons like carpenter blocks to add even more aesthetic features.
    Server language is CZ/SK but we do speak english there, so anyone can join.

    Due to TFC website is often under attack, unavailable, just plain slow, i have TFC wiki mirror on my site too to provide much needed help.

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    Cool Vicious Circle

    Server name:Vicious Circle
    Population:Up to 90
    Features:Factions,Antigrief,Economy,Hungergames,Warzone,Parkour,Spleef,MMO world,and more!

    Description:Vicious Circle is a great yet small server that has even better people.I myself spend a lot of tie here, and even though it is cracked, premium users can get just as much out of it. Please check it out, and look for me: Nachtigall or XxLordrosxX

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    Website: Unillogical.Co

    The forums I used recently made a MC server. It's a normal survival with a little bit of a story. Basically, H.P. Lovecraft mythos and the world is destroyed and you have to survive fallout style.

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    ExploationOne! Builders Needed!

    Hey There.

    I Am WarLordK Of The ExploationOne Staff,

    We Are Currently Working Hourlesly On Our First Server.

    We Have Come To Quite A Stand Still In Building.

    Seeing As I Am Busy With All Outside-Server Stuff,

    And My Second In Charge Is Busy With School, We Are Quite Short Handed.

    We Do Have A Few More Staff Members, But They Are Applied To Different Roles.

    So With That Being Said, We Are On The Hunt For Three(3), More Builders.

    If You Are Interested, And Think You Have What It Takes, Please Go Register At Our Site.

    Message Me For Link!

    Thank You!

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    Server Name: Apocalypse
    Server Location: London
    Population10/30/60/100?) 100+

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    Name: Ranges of Madness

    We used to be a small closed server for a few friends, however we have finally decided to open it up to the general public, to get some more company!

    We run a multiverse (that allows you to use either Survival or Creative worlds, with separate inventories etc), as well as good logging plugins that allow us to reverse any grief with just a single command.

    We are a friendly bunch that simply wanted to get some more people on our server, so if you're a friendly person looking for a decent **CASUAL** server, do come along!
    We dream, we dream.

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