View Poll Results: What class will YOU play?

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  • Elementalist

    77 11.65%
  • Guardian

    74 11.20%
  • Ranger

    70 10.59%
  • Theif

    95 14.37%
  • Necromancer

    77 11.65%
  • Engineerer

    56 8.47%
  • Warrior

    85 12.86%
  • Not sure yet. Wanna see the 8th class first

    127 19.21%
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    Warrior or Ranger. I just love their skills and playstyle.

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    Mechagnome Geng's Avatar
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    Ranger or elementalist. I prefer to do dmg from afar

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    not too sure yet. Maybe Necro, maybe Elementalist, maybe Warrior and myabe the 8th.
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    Warrior or that mysterious 8th class (depending on what it is).

    ::EDIT:: Ah "theif". I guess that's the new "rouge".

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    Human Warrior
    Human Ranger
    Sylvari Necromancer
    Human Elementalist
    Asura Thief
    Charr Engineer
    Norn Guardian
    Sylvari 8th Profession
    Charr Warrior
    Asura Guardian

    No idea how many slots we'll get but I will surely buy extra slots.

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    I never got into guild wars 1, however the Mesmer class is what I loved. I really hope they bring it back with new play styles.
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    Honestly, I'm not sure yet. I'll probably make a poll for my guild when it's getting closer to release, to see what all we are going to have in game. I'm hoping I get into the beta so I can atleast try each one before release.

    Out of the options however, I'm torn mostly between
    Elementalist, however I'd probably do this as a PvE character, I dislike being squishy in PvE.. but I'd most likely run Scepter/Dagger, or Staff.. because of the water abilities it unlocks.

    Thief, this would probably be a PvP only character, but I'm uncertain as of yet.

    Engineer, I really like the concept and the flexibility.. but I'd actually have to get my hands on it.

    I'm likely to avoid Ranger, and Necromancer.. but after seeing TotalBiscuit play a necro, I'm hesitant on that one. And Warrior/Guardian/Mesmer, I'd have to get a hands on to feel it out and determine if I like it.

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    Probably a warrior as i played one alot in GvG on GW1 Elementalist for soloing stuff again probably.
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    Mechagnome Lihonessa's Avatar
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    I'm definitely going to play a Norn Warrior. From the amount of footage I've seen, Warriors genuinely look like a fun class to play!

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    I was a warrior 5 years in WoW...most likely will go on the same path and make one. It just represents me the most!

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    Slyvari Guardian or Sylvari Elementalist, with a focus on Water/Earth. Or an Asura Elementalist. Not entirely sure yet

    I really do like what I've seen of Elementlists so far though. Seems like the most versatile class (well, I guess having 4x the number of skills per weapon combination helps a bit ).

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    Have to see what my other friends are gonna choose. We are planning on going for w/e top end pvp/pve stuff there is.
    Hope they end up making the game exactly how they have planned. Just think... dynamic pve content based on how many people you have.
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    Most likely warrior, maybe norn.
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    Poor engineers! Rest seems incredibly balanced so far. Kind of the same as the gw2guru poll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJekyll View Post
    Poor engineers! Rest seems incredibly balanced so far. Kind of the same as the gw2guru poll.
    I think it's just due to the unfamiliarity. People tend to gravitate towards the same class style game after game, so when you introduce something new, it doesn't have a built in fanbase that the other classes do. With time Engineers will because more popular.

    Also, they probably don't know that Engineers have a flamethrower

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    Eventually I will play them all. Because they're all fabulous.
    But for starting out I'm torn between an Engineer and a Ranger. I may just roll with two mains if I can't decide before release, which is looking more and more likely as time goes by.

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    Theif, all pirate like with my duel pistols!

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    Will have to go with Guardian, just felt like the right class to go with after plying a Paladin in WoW for a couple years.

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    Personally I'll be starting with an elementalist, though I'm sure I'll eventually have one of everything.
    Engineer will likely be my second character.

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