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  • Sith Warrior

    101 14.79%
  • Bounty Hunter

    72 10.54%
  • Sith Inquisitor

    163 23.87%
  • Imperial Agent

    61 8.93%
  • Jedi Knight

    71 10.40%
  • Trooper

    68 9.96%
  • Jedi Consular

    96 14.06%
  • Smuggler

    51 7.47%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Istaril View Post
    I'm amazed at the number of people rolling IA. I didn't expect us to have so many people.
    There was a large uptick in IA popularity in September. Not really sure why.

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    Sith warrior, juggernaut. Both immortal and vengeance appeal to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kylecat15 View Post
    Sith Inquisitor and I am going sorcerer and plan to heal because I love healing in all MMO's and it's always needed :3

    No clue on race yet
    Bounty Hunter.

    I would hate to be called a Republican...gotta go Empire.

    I predict population disparity of 70% Empire / 30% Republic.

    I'm from WI where water fountains are called bubblers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphorism View Post
    There was a large uptick in IA popularity in September. Not really sure why.
    True that. I was planning on going Trooper, but I may end up going IA first. The reason for me is because they will be the only healers that can also stealth. Also, Sniper rifles pls.

    Oh and, James Bond > Han Solo.
    "It's not what we don't know that gets us into trouble; it's what we know for sure that just ain't so." ~ Mark Twain
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    Going to be playing as a Jedi Consular--->Shadow (Tank spec'd) None of my friends have ever much cared for the tanking role. I'm more than happy to step up if it means I get to be a melee caster tank. (My ideal role in a game.)

    It doesn't surprise me that each faction favors the Consular/Inquisitor though. The class can basically fulfill any role.

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    59.53% of respondents as of the time I'm writing this have selected a Sith Empire class.
    The S.I. is, as expected, roughly 80% more popular than the second most opted class in this poll.
    As much as I have my heart set on being an Agent, I might have to ultimately settle for Trooper, if only for the opportunity to thin out some of those damn inquisitor numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by creb99 View Post
    I am going to decide when I launch the game. I am not even going to read up on classes or races before then, I just want to dive in and be amazed
    as he says why decide now when you have yet to even try everything

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    Either trooper or Sith Warrior, haven't decided yet.
    Monk, I need a monk!!!

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    Miraluka (or maybe human) Jedi Consular (Sage). Somone has to cull the ever expanding hordes of Sith Inquisitors. Who better than a master of the Light side of the Force?
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    I'm going to be a Miralukan Jedi Sentinel. I just love the idea of dual-wielding lightsabers and since all my friends want to play Republic that's what I'm playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolke View Post
    I personally am gonna play a pure blood Juggernaut immortal. I just enjoy tanking and from what I have gathered so far tanks will also be able to actively use taunts and other abilities to reduce enemy player damage and share damage with team mates.
    I can't say more than this

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    Sith Warrior, Jabrak, Juggernaut. I love to be the tank (centre of attention!!) and always am :P. (DARTH MAUL \m/)

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    Smuggler !

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    I'm enjoying the Sith Inq: Sorc, right now, but come Live I'll probably being going Jedi Cons:Sage, since my guild always tends for 'that' side of things (Ally in Wow, Guard in Rift, and so on). I'll be deeps, since I've decided if I ever pursue healing in this game I'll be healing with guns.

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    I'll probably being playing the smuggler. I feel the sith classes are so generic, you probably think the same as the smuggler I don't know. I'm going to have to choose one of the sith eventually, don't know which one just yet. Like sith warrior looks annoying from the pictures I've seen, sith inquisitor is being played by everyone. Imperial agent just doesn't have the woah factor me though. Bounty hunter doesn't sound to bad. We'll see, I know I'll end up playing all character eventually.

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    I'm definitely thinking Imperial Agent. I just am so attracted to the assassin spy thing, definitely going to model my character behind Sidney Bristow haha!! With a bit of Korean beauty of course

    As for AC, I have no idea yet. Still deciding! It's too hard to choose either they are extremely awesome either way.

    My second choice would be a trooper. I want to roll a male trooper but if Jennifer Hale is voicing the female version then I'll roll a female. Haha!

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    Will be rolling a Jedi Consular sage playing as ranged dps and zabrak as race

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    Sith Warrior or Inqusitor, since it looks my kind of playstyle (favourite and most played WoW classes were mage followed by paladin and warrior). Though from many polls it looks like those 2 classes will be overplayed, so I might recosider at launch. Will decide on race/advanced when creating the character.

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    Trooper Vanguard all the way!! dps ofc =)

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    What I like in this thread is that a lot of people will play other classes besides the expected ones, and thats good to this game

    I was truly afraid that people would pick Jedi Knight or Sith Warrior and leave classes like Trooper or Imperial Agent to root but it seems not and that's very good!

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