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  • Sith Warrior

    101 14.79%
  • Bounty Hunter

    72 10.54%
  • Sith Inquisitor

    163 23.87%
  • Imperial Agent

    61 8.93%
  • Jedi Knight

    71 10.40%
  • Trooper

    68 9.96%
  • Jedi Consular

    96 14.06%
  • Smuggler

    51 7.47%
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    most of my guild are gonna be transferring from WoW to SW:tor and we're still undecided about faction, but at the minute we have a republic guild set up - so in the assumption that we follow through with a republic guild i'll be going either:

    jedi knight tank
    jedi consular tank
    or trooper ranged tank

    i think i may be rolling a jedi consular (or sith equivalent) to start with, as i love the idea of tanking with a double-bladed lightsaber, then i'll be rolling a trooper for some ranged tanking as that looks.... different, then finally, i'll level a jedi - will have to see how they all play out before making a final decision on which i want to raid on.

    although with something like 200hours playtime needed to reach max level, i'll hopefully figure out which i want to play a long way beforehand, thinking i might level each up to about level 15/20 and then make a decision of which one to make my "main"

    edit: oh and YAY for our own SW:TOR forum! - thanks boub!
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    this should be a poll

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    All of them!! Seriously though, 99% Sith Inquisitor Assassin that will be either a Zabrak, Pureblood (if they actually end up being allowed), or Human. I will likely be forced to make a Republic character at the same time and have two "mains" because my brother refuses to play for the Empire and I want an Assassin because lightning is awesome. I tanked in WoW on a warrior (main was a rogue, though) and the thought of the Assassin tanking really intrigues me, but I'll likely start out as DPS.

    If I have to go Republic, then I'll go with a Trooper. I want Vanguard but bro wants to Jedi Guardian tank and two tanks is silly so I'll have to go DPS or go Commando (lol) heals or Jedi Consular Sage and go heals. Race for Republic would depend on class (Miraluka or Human).

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    Bounty Hunter, almost certainly at this point. I'm leaning towards Powertech, if only because I don't want healing to even be an option for me, but I'm not entirely sure. As for race, well, I guess it depends on what's available. I'd like Trandoshan or Kaleesh, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

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    Either a Rattataki or Zabrak Sith Inquisitor --> Sith Sorcerer. Force Lightning to the face!!!!! But from what I heard about the game and seen the videos I am going to play every class to get the full experience. Since I have played the hell out of the first two games I want to see the next leap from story for the Bioware team. I have never been this hyped for a game in a long time.
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    The more I read the Star Wars novels the more I want to roll a Smuggler first. So Smuggler/Gunslinger, Bounty Hunter/Mercenary or Powertech. All my characters will likely be human or Twi'lek.

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    Going for Sith Inquisitor, Main spec healing. The healing in "The Old Republic", I believe will be quite fun.

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    Bounty Hunter of some sort. Either that or an Imperial Agent...but I also want an inquisitor.


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    Smuggler all the way. Surprised to see only 1 other person in this thread picking Smuggler.

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    I demand a poll! :P

    Going anything that can heal really well on the dark side! Probably Sith Inq as I heard they're kinda like disco-priests with bubbles and direct heals while the trooper (operative) are more like a druid with hots'n'shit!

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    Cool What class are YOU rolling?

    What class are you rolling for your first toon?
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    Le tropeur

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    Jedi Consular! Probaly gonna go with shadow.

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    Sith Warrior, the tanking spec, can't remember now the name lol

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    Trooper - Vanguard.

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    Reading this topic leads me to one conclusion: light side will get more healers (and probably tanks) while dark side will tend to have more dps players. Kinda looks like wow atm with healer-playing people as ally and dd classes-players as horde.

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    Sith Inquisitor - Sorcerer, Healing

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    Most likely Inquisitor, but I'm also considering Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter. Currently undecided between healing and tanking, but leaning towards tanking.

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    Gotta go Sith Inquisitor - Assassin Tank

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    BH Tank, cuz jetpacks are cool.
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