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    1- Very pretty races and world
    2- PVP sounds awesome. I never played GW1 but I haven't been this excited for a game in ages
    3- The way classes work/no tank-heals-dps
    4- Didn't hear about adjusting your level til this thread but damn that's awesome
    5- Buy once to play forever <3333

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milanor View Post
    There will be some DE chains on Timers, but to me it's been sounding like most of them are dependent on player interaction - i.e. players exploring the zone/hanging out/killing stuff/collecting stuff will be needed to kick off the events. I suspect they would prefer to do things this way such that (for example) when the game goes live and players finally start hitting the max level, the enemies won't have destroyed everything in the top-level zones until players are around to repel them.
    I've actually done a lot of video and forum reading about dynamic events. What I've seen and found out is yes there on a timer and they do repeat. But they don't always repeat the same way they change depending on how many people are there and some other factors. The event can trigger with no one in the zone, the npcs will travel around the world and try to find people to help. Also say you lost that town, you now have a new quest to take it back. You also may get another quest to stop the supplies heading into the town or ambushing reinforcements(a good example they gave was they went to a near by forest to chop down trees to build more catapults, you would have to go there and stop them from collecting the wood or destroying the catapults). And if you don't take it back the invaders may even invade other towns which you will also have to take back. So in a way the events may not unfold the same way every time.

    My top 5
    1. WvWvW that just sounds so epic, I love pvp.

    2. Content scaling, I always tend to out level friends and this will make it possible for me to level with them, without slowing down or stopping my main(or feeling guilty for going on without them which is more likely). It also means if you find something to hard you can go to something easier and lower level and still gain experience till you get better or high enough level that it is easy for you. This also means you can go to higher level zones where you get one shot but if your really good at avoiding being hit you can actually level in the higher level zones.

    3. Dynamic events but everyone has said this so no need to go in depth.

    4. No holy trinity I just love how much this will change the game.

    5. The music... It just sounds so epic which is needed to make a game feel good. WoW had amazing music as well you all listened to it at one point till you got tired of the same thing over and over but when you first heard it the game just felt so epic with it. Didn't see anyone mention this but every video I've seen has some epic music in it that suits the game.

    Some other stuff that I love. Having your own house let alone district in a city. The cities actually look like there concept art, normally concept art looks so much cooler and amazing. No sub fee of course. So much more stuff to talk about but so hard to remember it all.

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    I don't even think I can rank it. The whole game looks amazing so far and I wish Arenanet would let me give them my money already.

    I've never pre-ordered any game in my life, but I think I will with GW2.

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    1. Personal story
    2. Dynamic events
    3. No sub fee
    4. No holy trinity
    5. How quests have multiple objectives and a progress bar (So i dont have to kill 50 pigs if I don't want to)

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    1. Dynamic Events
    This is one of my main reasons for waiting for this to come out. I mean, the old quest system, yeah, it was okay I guess, but this.
    This is just awesome.
    Imagine if in WoW your walking down that same old road to Stormwind, when you notice a gang of bandits, looting goldshire and slaughtering the innocent people. You wouldn't just think "Meh, I don't have the quest for this, so why would I care?" or "Nah, this is low level stuff, I'm not gonna waste my time". But instead you'd go right into the action, have an epic battle and get a reward that is might actually be of some use to you. Now that's questing!

    2. Player vs Player
    The PvP in this game looks so amazing! The amount of control every profession has is truly the greatest thing about it. Projectile deflection, walls of fire, caltrops, loads of AoE, different forms and whatnot. My favorite thing is that the fights change so much based on your surroundings.

    3. Combat
    The combat system is versatile and dynamic and relying on the environment and your movement. Spells don't just magically chase you until you get hit, they actually go the way they were cast. Bullets and other projectiles can be deflected, you can actually dodge spells based on your movement, not just RNG.
    Also the fact that a lot of the game is underwater was, to me atleast, quite scary at first as other MMOs generally haven't done water combat very well. But now that I've seen and heard what they are going for, I think it'll bring a great new aspect to the game.
    The weapon system also is looking damn nice. Not having to wield a weapon just because its got the optimal stats for your class is epic and now you can actually play with the weapon you feel that is the one for you.

    4. Storyline
    Although I haven't really got any knowledge about the lore of Guild Wars 1 or 2, the way the story is told is really intriguing. The Dynamic questing style really makes the story easy to follow, without the need to read loads of quest texts and background lore.

    5. No subscription fee
    This much awesomesauce content, with only one time buy? Hell yes!
    I'd be willing to pay a monthly fee for this, though.

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    The fact I'm so excited about every class I can't decide what to play. The fact I can go from a melee theif to a ranged one in the middle of combat just blows me away.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gagdush
    I would drag my dick through a mile of lava just to listen to someone that's installing the beta on Skype.

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