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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorror View Post
    there was also the option of the zergling pet as well
    No more an option, vanilla CE account get the three pets (diablo, panda cub, zergling) wich each new characters (BoA).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dramanie View Post
    I pretty much dont care whats in it, im gonnaget it anyways
    100% this. Been a Diablo fan forever. I can't wait!

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    I hope there wouldn't be anything for WoW / SC2.
    I just find it silly that you buy X, you get items for Y and Z.
    Cheap marketing to be honest.

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    I hope i will get a poster from the store. Just like i did when i bought SC2
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    I usually do not buy Collector's Edition but Diablo 3 will be an exception. In my opinion I think Collector's Edition will contain a mouse pad, DVD, mini-poster, & artwork.

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    I don't care, I'm buying it anyway :P
    I have the CEs of WoW and all it's xpacks and SC2 as well.
    But yeah, it'll probably contain the same stuff all the others have, art book, soundtrack cd, making of dvd, mousepad, mini pet for WoW.

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    Just getting it for the art book. <3

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    Never cared for CE's, but this one I'm getting. Diablo is just too epic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalx View Post
    Not sure why people are bothered with the WoW ingame pets you get from the Diablo III Collector's Edition. I am more interested in what ingame items you get in Diablo III. That's assuming you get anything other than the color vials (hoping those are unlimited atleast).

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    no matter what's in it, I'll buy it, BUT I would absolutely love to see beta access for preorders!
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    Hopefully soon they release the collectors eddition and info about buying the game!

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    I will get it, no matter what it has.
    But what always exites me is the SC2 and WoW stuff, mainly the SC2 stuff since rare portraits are kinda like rare mounts for WoW... where a pet dosnt really do much.
    If it has what you expect will be in it I would be beyond happy!
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    Well..I am not such a big WoW geek to buy the Blizzcon livestream or the SC2 CE to get an extra WoW pet, but I am a huge Diablofan, so whatever is in the CE, I am gonna try and get that box. Expecting a WoW pet, an artbook, a making of DVD...pretty much what was in the WoW CEs

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    special skin for companions (scroll of comp.)
    special icons/colors for the ingame banner
    wow pet
    +sancturio map poster, dvd, soundtrack

    my guess

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    Could be a peice of paper inside saying, S my D. And i'd still buy it.

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    Would be awesome if it included some sort of figure, like the skyrim CE does :P
    Obviously not as big but still. Or hopefully something we never thought about that still is awesome.
    Whatever it is, im getting it!

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    My assumption would be that even though we saw content for WoW from the Starcraft 2 Special Edition, I know a lot of people that hate WoW that still love to play Diablo 1 & 2. I hope that Blizzard remembers that even though their vast WoW franchise has the biggest fanbase, they shouldn't center everything around it. Most likely some of those die hard old Diablo players want to see more in-game content than anything for WoW. If they do release anything, in my opinion it should be cosmetic in-game content, because I think that's really, in the long run, what everyone wants to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamanic View Post
    Hmm... must... buy... I didn't even play wow until tbc was out, so never saw it
    Also... Wait 3 weeks and do the halloween event and get turned into one ; )


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    If they're going to include authenticators with anything, they should include them with every edition of every game they make.

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