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    Well we know atleast that there will be some kind of special Dyes that comes with the Collector's Edition, but I hope there will be more.

    CE Dye 1
    CE Dye 2

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    i´m more intrested what the price is gonna be like,

    normal game would be around 60 euros in europe, guess with special edition it should be around 100 euro´s max, else this will be way overpriced. not sure though.. if they gonna release special edition should be atleast world of warcraft in game pet like the same you got from starcraft 2.. i doubt there gonna give you something for starcraft 2 though.. but ye lets see

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    They have submitted a DVD rating to the British Board of Film Classifications - (it's been rated a 15), and it contains a DVD that is just labelled Diablo 3 Collectors Edition and is 169m 27s long. So it certainly contains quite a long DVD - most likely behind the scenes/the making of type?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dramanie View Post
    I pretty much dont care whats in it, im gonnaget it anyways
    sadly, this is the case for me aswell... Am gonna order it regardless of whats in there :G

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