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    Empire for FU, Republic for non-FU.

    I find the Jedi code TOOO restrictive (both for RP reasons, and if I was ACTUALLY a FU) so I'll be rocking the Sith, but for non-force users I like the sound of the Republic classes more, so I'm thinking my first 4 chars will be a Sith Inq, then a smuggler, then a SW, then a trooper
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    It is a tough decision for my Wife and I. We both seem to like the stories and lore with the Sith slightly better than the Republic, but some of the guildies we have in WoW are forming a Republic guild. Then again my wife keeps saying "but I want to shoot lightning out of my hands and kill people", not sure if I should think that is awesome of if I should be hiding :P

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    Undecided but Republic is taking my fancy more and more.

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    For the Republic!

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    Haven't decided yet due to not knowing what class to pick. Leaning towards empire more as of now. but I guess I'll play both?
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    Always been Alliance in WoW I think playing Empire would be a nice change

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    Empire, I want to be a baddy for once

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    Why play empire? we all know that they will lose in the end lol

    I like to stay on the winning side thank you

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    Republic, but I will be tasting the Empire for pure story reasons. I just can't deny that an Imperial Agent Operative looks badass and the Sith Inquisitor is the re imagining of my Mage.

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    The interesting thing about this light side /dark dies thing is that it is rarely purely black and white, good vs evil.

    Some of the best characters in the Star Wars universe are characters that were conflicted. Darth Vader is an obviously conflicted character. You are missing out, though, if you couldn't see the inner struggle in Luke in episodes V and VI. He deliberately disobeyed Yoda in the end of episode V, even though Yoda said all would be lost if he went to save his friends. And he clearly desired to join his father, whom he obviously loved, even though he knew fostering relationships like that is forbidden. Remind you of a certain OTHER Jedi who held out hope for forbidden relationships?

    Not all Sith would necessarily kill a friend to advance. Anakin could have killed Sidious, and Luke as well. Not all Jedi would valiantly charge in to save their friends. Yoda was being ruthlessly efficient when he tried to stop Luke from rushing off to face Vader before he was ready... even if that meant losing the lives of his sister and friends.

    I think one of the major lessons from the movies is that the true path is not found in the pure light side or pure dark side. Disregarding any emotion is just as bad as embracing raw passion. Emotions and relationships should be fostered, yet controlled. I think this is how "balance" of the force is obtained. Not in either extreme, but somewhere in the middle. Sorry for the longwinded answer to your question but I believe the Star Wars Universe is not nearly as black and white as you suggest.

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    As I see it since this game is actually good, I will be playing both factions, I will have my Sith Pureblood and I will have my Republic Trooper.

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    I made a poll awhile back and it suggested that Empire might be the overpopulated side and that many of them would be people who played alliance.

    Not wanting to be overcrowded by immature young people I decided Republic. It will likely be the more mature group I think.
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    Empire of course.I will be making a smuggler for the republic though.I want to experience all the lore this game has to offer.
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    Empire. I'll might roll Trooper just for the hand cannon. It's so awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pancakez View Post
    Why play empire? we all know that they will lose in the end lol

    I like to stay on the winning side thank you
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    Empire all the way.

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    Just like the official swtor forum poll there is no "both" option >.<
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    Playing the Republic during beta so I can see the planets and some of the story line. Playing on the Empire side when the game is released.

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    I'm going Sith only because my guild from WoW is. Otherwise, I would have much rather rolled Republic.
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    I'll be making characters for both factions. But my main will be republic since my friends are going with them.

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