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    Quote Originally Posted by notorious98 View Post
    ^ That. It's like I tell my woman every time she tells people we'll be playing "the bad guys". Sith aren't the bad guys. They just have a differing set of ideals from the Jedi. The "bad guys" are the ones who are against your set of ideals.
    I think you're kidding yourself when saying "the empire aren't the bad guys". Of course from a Sith's point of view the Jedi is the enemy that hast to be purged and from the sight of the Jedi its the other way round. But as a neutral viewer watching the movies, reading the books or playing the games you have to admit that the most horrible things in the Star Wars Universe were done on behalve of the Sith Empire (Alderaan, Taris, Order 66 to name a few). Bad (at least from my point of view) is is to gain an advantage even if others have to suffer for it ... and this is like the motto of the Sith.

    That doesn't mean that every member of the Sith Empire is evil. As your roleplaying goes you can be a Sith being mister goody nicey guy helping everybody and making the universe a better place to live. Or you play an a**h*** of a Jedi slicing everything that moves and do other unspeakable things.

    I'm playing empire btw

    € Damn my browser is slow -.-
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyoan View Post
    Going Republic. I love the lore, the story, etc. Never been that big on being a Sith. Also, I can never play evil in games...ever. I just have a hard go of it. That said, I plan on making Empire alts (light side ones of course) that correspond to the class I didn't take on Republic side's mirror. (So if I go Sage, I'll get a Sith Assassin, etc)
    I'm not sure if I will check the game out or not, being quite comfortable with LOTRO...
    But if I would, then I would definitely start with Republic as well, mostly due to a similar mindset.

    I have been playing some evil characters, when it has fit a story, but if I was free to explore a character, I usually turned out to be a good guy/gal.

    (Even in Black/White - I tried my best to stay a neutral Goddess, but, alas, the rainbows kept appearing everywhere...)

    You know what? Even if the Jedi are somehow too strict and narrow-minded in their mindsets, they are not evil. And I am not speaking about the subjective propaganda from any side. In an absolute point of view, evil would be to force your will onto others, while deliberately damaging the others in the process in some way.

    Evil has 2 aspects - first, the harm to others to gain your objectives - and second, a consciouos descision to do so, especially if you could have reached the same result by other, less harmful means.

    On the other hand, there are people who claim to do anything for the "greater good" and that "the end justifies the means" - at this point, I think, anything becomes evil, since they stop concidering whether they are doing harm to anyone or not. Thus, any side could become evil.
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    Empire or bust. I feel like I would do better in the long run with them, and they have a killer insurance plan. I'm going to give both a try though.

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