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    Our latest interview with a Charr Only guild EU side! Very cool concept and pretty sucessful guild - The Shattersteel Detachment

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    Cant Stop The Chop tPvP!

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    Hello guys, here's some Elementalist 1 vs 1 action.
    Can you add this to the main post, please? Thank you very much!

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    Part 2 of our journey into Arah!

    Originally Posted by Tigole
    I'm not so sure endgame players would like the face of the game if everyone had instant access to all of the content. There is something to be said for progression and the sense of accomplishment. Don't get me wrong, we have to be careful not to create a brick wall for new people, but I think there is a balance to be struck here.

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    Hell or close enough to it
    Fun stuff to watch

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    Has anyone seen this Epic GW2 Rap Video?!! its at under Epic Guild Wars 2 Rap
    sorry i can't post video here, I'm still on limited forum noob status

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    Cant Stop the Chop, Hammer Warrior tPvP - In this video we try a Warrior roamer to see how it goes.

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    Necromancer TPVP. Power spec

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    ZP does GW2

    I think it's safe to say he likes it, kinda, well in the only way Yahtzee says he likes it.

    (contains sweary words kids)
    Pray I find more menial tasks to accomplish or you will be hearing from me again and I assure you that my commentary on forums of public opinion will be most unkind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elfispresley View Post
    I think it's safe to say he likes it, kinda, well in the only way Yahtzee says he likes it.

    (contains sweary words kids)

    He must really like it since all he ever talks about are single player games/campaigns. Will take a look and come back with comments.
    I'm still thinking about it...

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    As fast as he talks through that, I'm wondering if he has a side job as an Auctioneer.

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    That was...surprisingly positive for Yahtzee

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    Yahtzee always makes me laugh

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    Thats a gameplay i made of the 3 tournament games, as a mesmer. It was a pug, so we had no audio communication. But was fun and i decided to post it.

    tPvP 1/3 (Forest of Niflhel)

    tPvP 2/3 (Legacy of the Foefire)

    tPvP 3/3 (Battle of Kyhlo)

    in the end we got second place.... the nice is to see the Trebuchet as the main reason.... we didnt go for it at start, so we lost.
    Thanks everyone... and hf.

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    Cant Stop The Chop - Khylo tPvP - Warrior PoV

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    Elementalist PvE levelling. ^_^ Did this to show my friend that ele is not like wow mage (low armor does not mean that profession hits stronger). Tried to show him how I need to dance with attunements kite and use CC + different DoTs.

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    I did two very popular videos explaining how to get gold in guild wars 2. One vid is from a fresh player perspective. The other is from a lvl 80's view.
    Guild Wars 2: Money Making for Beginners - Part 1

    Guild Wars 2: Money Making for Veterans - Part 2

    Guild Wars 2 Guardian Greatsword/Hammer Synch Combos

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    Our latest RP interview is out with the lovely Sara Townsend on her big Krytan Lawbook project. It's a bigger and rather unique interview!

    We hope you enjoy it and if you do! Remember to support Sara with her project!

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