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    The latest MDRnation and the last one of 2012 is here as Zeon gets betrayed by Slashgate! Dun dun dun!

    I hope you guys enjoy this one and see you next year!

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    For all those folk who like to get their daily done without panic!

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    Struggling with your monthly for January?

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    A video showing the combat mechanic differences in Guild Wars 2 and WoW.

    I'm linking this because this is showing the little things that you simply forgot / do not notice anymore when you have played GW2 for a while.

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    Kryta Jumping Puzzles! 200% wheee~

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    Video showing how Lion's Arch changed with wintersday decorations.

    I already miss all that.

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    Arah path 2 solo (not mine, I am not that good) ^_^

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    I put together some footage of my thief in WvW. Some fun fights and fun builds to play if you like 1v2/3 or more. I mainly roam on my thief but the builds are viable for groups to. It's a P/D build and the builds are listed in the video description. Enjoy!

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    Some tricks we did on last WvW match. The dirty trick isn't really our way to do things, but we were against server that has some newly transferred huge guilds and we were losing. That server moved up on rank and now we can continue with our normal "cap points, avoid zergs" tactic.

    Other video I made earlier this week, this one has some Finnish text comments but you can see what happens. Basically this is situation where we were doing out supply camp runs for points, but after [sIN] and [BOON] (boths huge guilds) arrived on map we could no longer separate into small 5-man parties. So we played hide and seek with them. At the end of the video I run out of the SSD space and missed some of the greatest zerg vs zerg fights.

    PS: I am playing very casually on these.

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    Hah, we are only ones posting videos. XD

    Levelling my mesmer, my fist toon that I abandoned at lvl44 because I wanted to be "more melee" and then "more caster". I played thief and ele to 80 just to understand that all I wanted was to be stealthy-melee-caster... aka mesmer. -_-"

    I have much to learn, that is why I record my gameplay. To see what I did't see when I was tunneling (like that guildie ele, who was clearly asking me to GS knockback npcs off). I also try to do these videos so that my non-gw2 friends understand what is going on, since we have common FB page where we post stuff from games we play.
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    Good stuff.
    I main a D/D Ele` since beta, but had a bank alt Mesmer, until yesterday.
    That female human laugh...


    Trying Engineer now

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    Diverse Daily Achievements!

    So we've got a few more options when looking at a daily achievement. Sadly the 'pick and choose' option isn't here yet, but we can always look forward to it.

    The combination kill achievement section that is mentioned in the video has been 'taken out of the hat', as it were, due to it being unreliable and not working as intended.

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    Our first RP interview of 2013 is out as we interview Cap' about his NA guild - The Krytan Ministry! Do check it out!

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    Our latest interview is up as we talk to Marzipanic, official journalist for the GW2RP website!

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    Valar morghulis

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    Guild Wars Silliness (:

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    Another plucky interview from the MDRnation as they talk to the lovely Merlei about her music and art!

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    Cant Stop The Chop with an overview of his latest tPvP build for Warrior.

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