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    The Story So Far

    Aside from slogging through a wiki, does anyone have links to perhaps Youtube vids or anything else that summarizes the GW1 story in a way that will hook me with some sweet lore?

    I only played a little bit of GW1, and just barely got out of the starting phase/time. However the artwork was very nice then, and GW2's artwork is un-freakin-believable. It seems great that the devs are bending and redefining a lot of the stale design rules of the genre. I will definitely give the game a try, and would like to go into it knowing some major characters, legends, plots and twists from the first game.


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    I've never managed to find a good article that gave a simple rundown of Guild Wars history.
    It would actually be a good idea for an ArenaNet blog.

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