View Poll Results: What is your favourite thing about Guild Wars 2

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  • Dynamic Events (inclusive of interactive voice acting)

    126 38.65%
  • Breaking of Trinity (bring player not class)

    137 42.02%
  • Races (with no race beating another)

    11 3.37%
  • Animations/graphics

    20 6.13%
  • Open World/story

    23 7.06%
  • Joining Multiple Guilds

    3 0.92%
  • Many character customisations

    6 1.84%
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    I wanna click something , but then that will leave everything else un-clicked , ALL OF THEM!

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    I'm loving the idea of no holy trinity, trying to imagine endgame game play is hard without it guess we need to see it. Joining a raid and just inviting friends and not having to look for randoms to fill tank and healing slots. Still can't wait to see how exactly it works.

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    Breaking the trinity, as well as their improved combat system. Even though the game isn't heavily into instanced dungeons, and more focused on PvP and Dynamic events, it'll be a nice change of pace where certain classes aren't needed for groups or guilds, either because they need a tank or a dedicated healer.

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    I'm a baller on a budget so mine would be no sub costs.

    But gameplay wise I'm very excited for PvP. They seemed to mix the greatness of GW1 PvP with the fast pace of a FPS. Which I think how PvP should be and not just running around in a circle spamming one or two buttons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusherO0 View Post
    Do we have to pick just one?

    I'd probably say dynamic events though. The amount of content possible with them is insane, and I'm a fan of a game putting more emphasis on going out and doing stuff rather than rushing to level cap so that you can get into the gear hamsterwheel and grind the same bosses for a while.
    Yup you gotta pick one >:3

    But I wish I could add stuff to the poll...

    I wanted to add:

    PvP (including realm vs. realm)

    No subscription Fee

    Layout of Keyboard (few hotkeys if any)

    ^ Mod if you could help me out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggetmagic View Post
    This poll is flawed, you're missing "No sub fee" and "Airships"!
    Airships? What?

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    Mine would be the combat system. More mobility, better game imo.

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    There are many things about GW2 that make it the MMO for me, but dismantling the trinity stands out as the thing that best represents GW2 as the next-gen MMO. Overall, though, ArenaNet's risk in doing all that it's doing - as opposed to the WoW in space that SW:TOR has become - is the reason why GW2 is so attractive. Though, the graphics and gameplay themselves don't hurt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deldramar View Post
    Airships? What?
    There have been leaks that one can actually pilot airships as if it were a large guild hall... they actually float around the world and interact with other ships.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IplayHorde View Post
    I never played GW1, I heard it was pretty bad.
    it wasn't bad at all. i played it when it first released, and although i didn't stick with it nor play any of the expansions, it's far from bad. i just didn't stay with it because for some reason i just didn't like the level cap being 20

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    and as far as my answer to the poll:

    i'd say the combat system and pvp (which isn't a choice) so i just picked the trinity option
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    Trinity gone or no sub fee. Can't decide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassandrea View Post
    There have been leaks that one can actually pilot airships as if it were a large guild hall... they actually float around the world and interact with other ships.
    Umm, no? They have been confirmed to be a part of the personal story, nothing else so far. And we know that we won't have guildhalls or player housing at release, but they will implement those when they feel they can do it right.

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    Really it's everything. But even though I play a healer I had to pick breaking of the holy trinity. I really think it will open up gameplay and just make it so much more dynamic.

    I just love their goal that seeing other players should never be a bad thing. The reason I like playing a healing is because I like helping others, and now I can. I can just run around helping everyone I see without worrying about kill-stealing or competing for quest items. I also like the idea of supporting others in ways other then healing.

    I am kind of sad that it seems the most support orientated class is the Guardian. The class looks fun, except I just don't like the look and feel of that class. I don't want to be a soldier profession and wear plate armor.
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    Went with dynamic events cause they're so epic and huge in scale, even the "smaller" dragon that they demo'd at recent conventions

    PvP would have to be the biggest thing i'm looking forward to in GW2 though, would've picked that if it was on the list. I guess the no trinity relates to it somewhat, oh well.

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    I picked dynamic events, But another answer I would have chosen is more dynamic combat. I think the ability to dodge and cast while moving is a big deal and will at a lot of movement and excitement to the combat

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    You can join multiple guilds...? Well, there you go

    The world though. Bring the awesomeness!

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    Dynamic Events.
    I hated questing. At first it was fun, but I could never force myself to play an alt, because all the quests were the same. I wasn't exploring the world, instead I was searching for quests. That's not right :/

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    Too many choices there are so many things about this game to get excited about *clicking all the options and more*

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    I choose death to the Trinity but i am pretty ambivalent about it.

    One big thing i like is..

    What happens when I die?
    When your health reaches zero you character will enter the downed mode. In this state, a character is unable to move but has access to four downed skills for a chance to kill an enemy and rally. These downed skills are less powerful than other skills and include a skill to call out for assistance. While downed, a character's health bar is replaced by a consciousness meter which indicates the time remaining in the downed state. If the player is not rallied or revived before this meter runs out, or if they continue to be attacked, they will enter a defeated state. While in defeated state you must either wait for an ally to revive you or resurrect at a waypoint in exchange for a very small fee.

    Nothing irks me more in mmos when i have just about killed a mob before i die. The thing requires one more bloody whack and its dead but i die first. Watching the fookin thing run back to where it was and jump upto full health and go on its merry way makes me RAGE!
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    They are all extremely awesome, but the interactive event chains do shine the brightest.
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