View Poll Results: What is your favourite thing about Guild Wars 2

326. You may not vote on this poll
  • Dynamic Events (inclusive of interactive voice acting)

    126 38.65%
  • Breaking of Trinity (bring player not class)

    137 42.02%
  • Races (with no race beating another)

    11 3.37%
  • Animations/graphics

    20 6.13%
  • Open World/story

    23 7.06%
  • Joining Multiple Guilds

    3 0.92%
  • Many character customisations

    6 1.84%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rorcanna View Post
    I..I...I CAN'T CHOOSE!!!!!!!!!

    But, if I HAD to choose..I really like the idea of everything listed in the poll. :3
    Same. There are so many thing, but those in the pool, I'll pick all.

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    What I love most about GW2 is how it feels like the developers have reached back to the core of old RPG games, like Baldurs gate, myst or final fantasy, or even elder scrolls, and created something wonderfully immersive and story driven, while weaving (or painting) in the best factors of later MMOs. And thankfully burying those repetitive and worst factors.

    Feels like I've been waiting for this game for many years.

    Oh, and I went with DEs because I'm so sick of grinding the same old crap. But really, it's the world and how it actually feels like this game is what I've been wanting from a fully immersive and interactive RPG.

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    I actually can't vote on this poll because there's no WvWvW or PvP option. Honestly, PvP is one of the main attraction points of the modern MMO, especially Guild Wars. If a moderator is kind enough to add the option, I shall return.

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    i rly look forward to gw2 and love almost everything except that they choose to not have a proper healing class since i always prefer to heal.
    its a shame that they wont have the class combination system and skillsystem they had in gw1. i loved how u could do rly messed up builds since u had more or less unlimited varieties.

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    All but none of them you are saying =) My major reason was probably pvp and world pvp, that looks interesting
    The things you mentioned are just a nice bonus =))

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    i am pretty sure you can make a poll with check boxes as opposed to a singular option which i think will be a more representative poll than the one you are using now where only one option can be chosen. i see there is no WvWvW or structured PvP or crafting options as well so i decided not to vote.
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    From this list, Dynamic Events are my favorite. Overall I'd say the combat system is the best part.

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    Even though I love all these options, I have to go with the removing of the holy trinity. I have always loved being a healer, but there are times where I want to have a more active role in killing the boss. While I love keeping everyone up, sometimes, especially against the more well-known bosses, it feels that everyone else "killed" him and me and the other healers merely "assisted." The removal of pure healing classes is a step in the right direction, as without them in games that have them, the group can't do anything.

    Someone else mentioned something before that I found interesting. They said that they love healing(glad I am not the only one) but hate that the Guardian wears plate and is basically a support soldier class. Ironically enough, that is why I LOVE it. I have always loved Holy Knights and Knights in general, so I am biased--but even without that, the skill set alone for the Guardian looks amazing and right up my alley. After that, I might try a more support elemental if I want an alt and the Necromancer doesn't fill the bill. Especially if the Elementist plays as much like a shaman class as I think it does.

    A close second and third is the combat system and no sub fee in that order. I don't mind paying for a game that I love. If it is free and the combat is amazing than that is the game for me. Hell, this way I can still play another MMO and not worry about bills.
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    PVP balance. Put that in.

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    Scaling dynamic events
    Focus on open world content
    No forced trinity grouping
    Shared rewards and no mob tagging
    No quests that you have to do instead of playing together with others
    Large non-forced cooperative gameplay without obligations

    You could remove everything but the open world and WvsWvsW and I would still want GW2. I want to fight together with people in a big fantasy world, not hide away in instances or compete over mob spawns. And that is why I am looking forward to GW2 more than any other mmo right now.

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    Another vote for trinity here...though it's hard, this game ticks so many boxes for me too.

    I think, as has been touched on, the breaking of the trinity has repercussions for lots of other things - you can't join that party because they only need a can't be effective in a dynamic event because you're a can't just bump in to some folk and do something.

    Again, as has also been touched upon, instances become brittle and formulaic when you have a trinity - adding a new dungeon is great, but the repercussion is a long queue because there aren't enough tanks or healers...and in that dungeon, everyone plays the same may get skilled players, so runs may go smoothly or may not...but ultimately, everyone is doing the same thing and standing in the same place.

    It's time for a change...a game with trinity is a game that involves compromise, queues and mild paranoia about whether you would see more content if you'd have picked a class that you didn't really want to.

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