View Poll Results: What is your favourite thing about Guild Wars 2

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  • Dynamic Events (inclusive of interactive voice acting)

    126 38.65%
  • Breaking of Trinity (bring player not class)

    137 42.02%
  • Races (with no race beating another)

    11 3.37%
  • Animations/graphics

    20 6.13%
  • Open World/story

    23 7.06%
  • Joining Multiple Guilds

    3 0.92%
  • Many character customisations

    6 1.84%
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    What is your single most favourite thing about Guild Wars 2?

    I will be adding more as time goes on I think...

    But what is the single most favourite thing that you heard about Guild Wars 2... something that made you feel awesome, terific, make you think you can break away from any game and just play this... and why?

    Mine is the trinity. I love playing paladins or some sort of holy warrior, but have always been relagated to healing or tanking and rarely dps. Now I can play the guardian, which not only has cooler effects and animations (and arguably many cooler skills... line of "get the ---- away" anyone :P ), but also allows me to buff people, do damage, look cool, and tank a bit of damage. I have always wanted to play a game that really did perfect the "bring the player not the game," and I feel as if this does.

    What about you guys?

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    By the way, If i do not have something in the poll (maybe I forgot), like expansive and fun underwater combat system, then definitely say so! I really want to hear the single thing that people really like about this game... (I know there might be many but just choose one)
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    I think you should replace "Open World/story" with something along the lines of either "The World" or "The Story" or both.

    My single most favorite thing is that the developers actually give a damn about the plot/lore/story.

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    Wheres the PvP option????

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    The story


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    All of the above

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    I absolutely hate reading quest text for not knowing what to do next. In my opinion voice acting is definitely an answer to this. It keeps the action rolling and it avoids putting an awkward stop to it. Therefor I voted for the Dynamic Events to be my favorite thing about Guild Wars 2.

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    I would say "No Monthly Fee" would be the best part
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    10 Buttons on your skill bar. Why isn't that an option?

    I hate the traditional MMO model of giving you more skills than you have keys on a standard keyboard. Aside from that, skill selection allows for more player skill. Something that Blizzard moved away from with dumbed down talent trees in 4.0, but now are seeming to be making a complete turnaround and using a GW-style system for D3...

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    I never played GW1, I heard it was pretty bad.

    Now I've seen a lot about GW2, it seems like the best game out there, and may be for the next 4-6 years.
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    You know what really got me with GW2...
    was the fact there wasn't any invisible walls. Like you could jump from building to building in the battleground, I really liked that, and it's something a lot of games are lazy with and makes the world less fun(I love exploiting/exploring)

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    Dynamic Events.
    This looks so incredible, it's almost too good to be true.
    Something new will be going on everywhere, you can just wander around and have fun at level 80, not do the same old boring quests. Love it!

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    This poll is flawed, you're missing "No sub fee" and "Airships"!

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    It's hard to say for me... I really like what they're doing with the combat a lot, so that's probably my favorite thing. But if I had to choose from the options on the poll, then probably the open world/story. I really like how big and beautiful the world looks so far. I can't wait to explore it. Also, I really like that there is personal story involved. In WoW my character felt very generic with no personality. It was just a tool that I manipulated around through the game world. Like a piece of a board game or something like that. But in GW2 it seems like your character has a role in the game world, which is always nice. It will give me the immersive feeling that singleplayer RPGs give me with everything that I love about MMOs.

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    Hard to pick just one. Also you should've added no monthly fee.

    Personally I've gone with breaking of the holy trinity. It makes the game so accessible to friends and this is considering that there aren't divided factions like WoW. It's so nice to chose a race/class combo and it not effect who you can play with , your friends can join in and play what they want and not restrict what can be done unlike WoW where friends are limited by role and faction.

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    Every game does the same thing, even rift stated that they wanted every dps to be the same and you would "bring the player not the class"

    You've heard this so much, but has it ever come true? No, it had not.
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    After playing WoW so long, getting a group together to go adventuring/exploring!

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    Was hard for me to choose between the dynamic events and the breaking of the trinity. Also a big plus is the no monthly fees, so I can play cough swtor cough...

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    I'm glad that it isn't going to have a sub fee similar to GW1 but as far as gameplay mechanics I'd have to say without a shadow of a doubt the large scale Dynamic Events are made of pure win. Watching the Gamescom demo with that huge dragon made me so excited to play this game. Everyone working to take down a big (and by big I mean so massive it makes Deathwing seem like a toy) Dragon with their own abilities plus cannons and defending the OMG LAZOR from adds and anyone being able to rez anyone, it just seems like the ultimate "everyone comes together to save the planet" kinda of thing. RIFT has done well with it's Dynamic events though for the really tough ones it's not so much an anyone can join up and help kind of thing.

    I'd have to say that the other thing I'm looking forward to is the way the professions will work. Swapping out weapons on the fly to change you're playstyle will be awesome (and is how FF14 *should* have worked) and the underwater aspect is brilliant. Only other thing I'm curious about is the lore since I didn't really play GW1 all that much I'm not sure how the story unfolds.

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    Do we have to pick just one?

    I'd probably say dynamic events though. The amount of content possible with them is insane, and I'm a fan of a game putting more emphasis on going out and doing stuff rather than rushing to level cap so that you can get into the gear hamsterwheel and grind the same bosses for a while.

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    Let the Trinity burn in righteous fire...or at least be forgotten in the pages of MMO history. Or it can just chill somewhere...somewhere far far away where no one can hear it whimper.

    Yeah I'm done with that idea, good when it was introduced but now it is outdated.

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