View Poll Results: What is your favourite thing about Guild Wars 2

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  • Dynamic Events (inclusive of interactive voice acting)

    126 38.65%
  • Breaking of Trinity (bring player not class)

    137 42.02%
  • Races (with no race beating another)

    11 3.37%
  • Animations/graphics

    20 6.13%
  • Open World/story

    23 7.06%
  • Joining Multiple Guilds

    3 0.92%
  • Many character customisations

    6 1.84%
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    The breaking of the trinity. Too many times have I seen a raid unable to continue due to lack of a tank, or key healers.

    ... I also love the way the Asura run, best animation for a short race I've seen in quite a while.

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    I've really liked the art and animations I've seen so far. I like more stylized graphics over graphics that try to be really photo realistic.

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    It's close between the complete and total annihilation of that awful construct known as the holy trinity, and the dynamic events system. Probably leaning towards the trinity - it's been beaten to death, raised by a necromancer or 6, killed again, drawn and quartered, then burned. It's long overdue for retirement, and has no place in the next generation of MMORPGs.

    Edit: It's not just the breaking of the trinity, it's the system they established to replace it. It's amazing, nuff said.
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    There’s no tick box for “everything”

    But my top 3 would be

    - Dynamic questing, all the video’s I’ve seen of this looks amazing

    - Removal of the trinity system. No trinity means complete freedom in play style and character, and as long as you survive then play however you want

    - No trinity means no limits on encounters. For all the variations of encounters in WoW when you look closely at them they’re all pretty much the same and because of the trinity system this will never change. This is because the moment you do change something about how the standard encounter works then one class will do more work and one class will do less. You can’t have very dynamic encounters with trinity because only a very small number of party members will be able to take the amount of damage from the boss or mobs. GW 2 will have none of this.

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    Dynamic Events.

    That is all

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    The Lightbringer jvbastel's Avatar
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    The company behind it. Arenanet has amazed me time and time again with how enthousiastic they are, and how willing they are to change stuff in the game in response to feedback (sylvari redesign, for example).

    For the poll, I chose the DE's
    Monk, I need a monk!!!

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    I would say dynamic events, I love the idea of being able to just walk around and naturally find content to do, instead of following paths dictated by quests.

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    The trinity. Fuck the trinity. Let it die in a fire and never be heard of again starting with the new generation of MMOs.

    A pure DPS class player since 1999.

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    1) World v World v World PVP in a controllable zone. I really hope this turns out to be DAOC RvR 2.0 and not Warhammer.

    2) No more holy trinity. This should make WvWvW a lot more interesting and fun.

    3) Environmental detail and no flying mounts. I really like games that feel vast, and flying mounts completely kill that.

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    DIE holy Trinity DIE!

    I never ever want to be forced into a role I don't want to play for the 'good of the guild' EVER again.

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    Honestly, it's a mix of everything. But if I had to pick one, then definetly the Holy Trinity. I'm so sick and tired of mmo's that force people into a certain roll if they've decided to play that particular profession. Sadly, we'll still have alot of people in GW2 that'll still stick to those kind of demands (GUARDIAN ONLY HEAL PLZ, WARRIOR GRAB AGGRO NAO, ELEMENTALIST SHEEP STAR, MESMER FEAR CIRCLE, etc.)

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    I'm really looking forward to a dynamic world. My only wish is that they add dynamic weather and seasonal changes in addition to the classic night/day scenario.

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    My feelings reflect what the poll says. I'm torn between the breaking of the Holy Trinity. No longer can people blame each other if they die. You die, its your own fault. HOPEFULLY, this type of game play will create a learning curve that is not to steep so that players feel good and are subsequently rewarded for learning their profession. Knowing the ins and outs, their cool downs, how to survive and how to burn your target down, etc.

    But when it comes right down to it, I truly love the dynamic event system. It gives players, like myself, how enjoy mmo's but don't always enjoy that "you're in an MMO, so to do anything really fun, you MUST be playing with others" a change to have fun. You don't have to spam "invite please" over and over and over and over. The DE system doesn't even toss you into a group. Groups can be clunky and they can exclude late comers. The social aspect of the DE system is what sells it for me. And the reward system of participation is just icing on the cake. You don't want to grind out 100+ mobs again? Fine, go pick up vital items to help everyone else. You don't want to defend the garrison? Fine, just go around rezing players and npcs and tossing out buffs. L-O-V-E IT!
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    I thought of something else I like: It's not owned by blizzard. God I hate blizzard.

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    For me it's the weapon-based skills and weapon swapping system. I love everything else, but that takes the cake. It's not a choice but I don't care!

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    I voted Dynamic Events. But I would have to say the sidekicking mechanic. My god, talk about allowing to game at your own pace and availability of time while still being allowed to play with your friends. No fear of out-leveling or of being out-leveled by your friends. WOOO!

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    I absolutely adore two things in the game:
    1. No monthly fee is just the best!
    2. The Charr! I just love their story, their animation, their everything! Can't wait to play one! ^^

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    If I must choose one single thing then it must be the Breaking of the Holy Trinity. Why? Because Im a bit tierd of the same old in every mmo games.
    I really love this idea, because now people can not blame each if they die. It will be our own job to survive and if you die then it is your own fault.
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    I very much like the PvP combat, it looks amazing.
    I'm more of a PvP person now, but with all the new zones and adventures I'm going to do a lot more PvE than I've done in years! :P

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