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    NA Server Hookup Thread.

    I hate unranked soloqueue, it's horrendous usually.

    So I thought I'd try and see if we could find a few people who'd want to hook up and play a few games and see how it goes.

    My username is SirDoombox for both Skype and LoL so add me if you want to chill out and play some unranked.
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    Hookup thread?

    I'm a lonely Gangplank lookin' for a landlubbin' wench that I can cannon barrage each night.
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    I'm just going to copy and paste the US members that we already know from the list we have on the first page of the discussion thread.
    I think frodo kept a running excel sheet with more names, so wait for that if you want even more peeps (or just keep posting em here :P).

    Fiddlesnarf - Fiddlesnarfx 30 US
    broflmao- Thisisascam US
    Slammin Shaman- SlamminShaman US
    t3hj0j0- t3hj0j0 US
    Varcster- Varcster US
    Baygon- R33P3R133 US
    Vampyrr- Vampyrr US
    Spekkiothebrave- Appian US
    feo- gale34 US
    Rukah- Rukah US
    daylanhammer- mikeylikesit17 US
    Typhron- Typhron US
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    I'm always willing to play a game, especially a quick Dominion game. Though I keep the LoL client open all day and am AFK frequently. Just add me.
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