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    Another question i have is concerning currency and how accessible it will be to us. Will we have a the rich, the middle class and the poor or will everyone be poor and the only way to amass a fortune will be through spending enough time making the money. How easy will it be, I ask because one of the things i love about that other mmo is the economy, playing the AH or farming for sale, being distinct from the person beside me because i can afford a lot more, those were things i really like, and will I be able to do this in SW.


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    concidering you can send out your compaions now to farm stuff, I'm really wondering if you can still make a lot of money buy farming ore and herbs. I always made a shitload of gold with that in the first 2 weeks of every wow expansion.
    but now with the companions? maybe everyone gets about the same amount of money a day with that.

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    I think the only way we'll know for certain what the economy will be like is when the game goes live. Even in Beta, people knowing that their characters and items won't last will effect the economy.

    So unfortunately nobody will be able to provide an accurate answer to your question yet. We could provide generalisations based on prior experience, but even then that isn't terribly accurate. We'll just have to wait and see.

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    yeah...maybe after sending out your pet you also can go out and farm and double the income, I just hope there will be enough things to spend the money on, but so far i am REALLY looking forward to this....(my dreams as a kid of having a light saber and waking up only to find out it wasn't true maybe realized )

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    FYI from my reading. It's going to be similar to every other MMO. Those that work a little for the cash (AH, crafting wanted goods etc...) and those that spend to much and/or put in very little effort.

    However, at the moment, I'm hearing that slicing is making tons of cash. It also seems people think it will be (and should be) nerfed as it's just making more money then any other profession by a huge margin.

    Not sure if that was changed for the new build recently released (or if other professions were buffed) but we'll have to wait and hear about it.

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    I guess you should just stockpile all your herbs/ores/materials. wait a few weeks maybe a month till everyone needs the mats to make raiding/pvp gear and or flasks.

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    It will probably be like most MMO's where the more effort you put in the more money you will get, but yeah having companions doing things for you will definately change that.

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    Dont know about the economy. just know that the game will go live and within 4 hours i know im going to hear Gold/credit seller barkers annoying the hell out of me. It usually takes them that long when a game starts up.

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    Its important to note that the Dev team have stated it will cost money to send companions on gathering missions, so that won't be a source of unlimited income. Beyond that we're starting to drift closer to spoiler territory, however the consensus seems to be that they are still balancing the cost/return of most professions.

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    Thne basic formula will still at least be the same. The more product you put in, I.E. time and mats, the more you get out in terms of cash.
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