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    Looking for English speaking jungler
    team is 14-19

    or pm me
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    Digital Impulse Gaming is recruiting

    What can you expect from Digital Impulse Gaming

    A mature gaming community that upholds Respect, Honor, Loyalty & Team work.
    Skilled players and mentors willing to help you learn and improve.
    Mature, friendly players to have fun and play with.
    Leadership that listens. We make sure to get your input and always try to improve the community.

    Weekly community events.
    Monthly prizes.
    Live stream events.


    D.I.G is always looking for players who can upload youtube videos submit there PENTAKILLS!!! or all in all showing off there skill we welcome you to submit to our soon to come youtube channel

    Twitch Tv:

    D.I.G has setup a section dedicated to Live Streamers! we welcome you to show off your skills in league of legends set up a stream with D.I.G were our community can see your games!

    Recruitment Information

    We are looking for League legends Team Leaders, as well as people who are tired of playing the game alone

    Dont wanna be a Team Leader not to worry D.I.G's league legends section are looking to put teams together with one leader per team I will be in charge of this section worrying about the finer details while you have a good game in a TROLL FREE zone environment

    5v5 teams will have practice to sharpen there skills and improve on there flaws work with your team to be the best you can be!

    Not a Hardcore Gamer:

    Not to worry we also have casual gaming if you don't have an open schedule. We understand the every one has there own problems so if your looking just to have a good time and chat with fellow community members then D.I.G is right for you


    You must be 18 or older before you apply, (we might make exceptions).
    Must be active on our website and TeamSpeak.

    Have TeamSpeak and a working mic no need for push to talk mode either Be willing to help others.(Push to talk must be active in TeamSpeak public lobbies)

    What are the exceptions?

    you will be put in a trial basis depending on your age we must see that you are mature enough to play with a team in this trial basis you will be monitored and will ask other members for feed back on your behavior.

    Last but not Lest

    No drama!!!

    Head over to to make a Enjin account then go here to send in app for recruitment
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    STEK Gaming is a gaming community, we play a lot of games as well as League of Legends we are looking for people that do not troll and not play stupid, we are looking for lvl 15-30. We like to train young players, even if you are a BRONZE rank we can help you get up rank up it is better to play with the people u can actually talk too as well as making smart and tactical moves.

    If you are interested in joining please come to our TeamSpeak 3 channel for a quick interview.

    Info here:

    Thank you very much and I hope to see you summoners here shortly!

    -Age 18+
    -Mic, Skype, TeamSpeak 3
    -Not a troll, good attitude
    -Willing to give and take constructive criticism
    -Speak English fluently


    On the forum post...

    Real Name:
    Skype, Mic, TeamSpeak 3?:
    Champs you enjoy playing:
    Time Zone:

    Thank you please post and add me or my clan mate in game (Statz00, TakaiSeiji) for more info!

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    Hello I'm Fenth that's also my summoner name ^.^
    NA support/jungle/top player looking for a 5s team no drama no BS just looking for some fun trying to progress up the ladder.
    can handle these positions but support in where I feel I can do the most my ADC friends can vouch for my skills.
    I'm on EST and can play most night until 10 my time turs,fri,and sat i'm free to play all day and night.
    I have TS3, skype, vent, and mumble all ready to be used please add me in game or send me a message if you're looking.
    I'll do something witty and clever in this box one day...

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    Hey, my summoner names Browntippedstick.
    I'm on EU west, can play pretty much any role other than jungle, though I did play jungle at one point so I could get back into it.
    I have two years of experience, my ranked score hasn't been great but I haven't played much ranked either.
    I'm looking for a ranked team to scale the ranked ladder with, have ts3, skype, mumble, raidcall and vent.
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    Currently recruiting one person on EUW, need a versatile player who can play all roles (strongest in Mid/Top/Jungle) Skype and a microphone are a MUST, Must have free time between 6pm GMT -> 11pm GMT most nights, please be a friendly player, will be playing 5~ Normal games as initiation games. Add me on skype or email me at aidan_hill_xyl. aidan.hill or Message me on here.

    Aiming for at least Gold by the end of Spring. Also rolling with 3's (Currently 6-2) If interested contact me.

    Thanks for the time

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    Leveling partner on EUNE

    Hi guys. I'm very new to this forum so i'll just give this a quick go!

    I'm looking for a leveling partner on EUNE to get my 2nd account to lvl 30 ASAP.

    I can play most days all day, allthough, i do not require you to do the same.

    i see myself as an ok player, (im not the rager or thinking that i'm an LCS player type). I kinda just want some chilled out leveling with people who are not, mildly said, retarded..

    My name is: Mulkey933 on EUNE, so add me for some fun times and hopefully fast leveling


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    Support and Ad carry Lane Looking for legit team!

    hello My friend and i are looking for a started team or to start a team with people who are looking to seriously play, practice, and enter online tournaments. We are both plat 5 right now we consistently win Lane against diamond players in arranged team ques for practice. To get a hold of me email address is xxgpzxx at yahoo dot com. Summoner name: Gpz we are willing to do a trial period with any started team.

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    LF Duo Partner for Ranked Games!

    Hello everyone!
    As you might have guessed, I'm looking for someone to play ranked games with that can guarantee a few things.

    First off, I am in Bronze 2 atm. I play mostly mid, about 80-90% of my games but I can play any role and would love to play Ezreal/Vayne ADC if someone can guarantee me a support that does not damage the minion waves.

    A condition of mine is that the player doesn't rage/flame/swear intensily. Maybe a word or two but no more. It is not a problem if you are different division as long as you are not higher tier. I will personally test you in 1v1 game to see how good you are. I am not the best player but I don't want to play with someone significantly worse than me. You can either respond here or private message me. I have skype and a working headset so we can talk during games!

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    I'll play some with you
    IGN TrashTrash

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeMango View Post
    I'll play some with you
    IGN TrashTrash
    With who? What does IGN stand for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverrendy View Post
    With who? What does IGN stand for?
    In game name.

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    Wow. Sorry I thought were post was separate, I didn't see any other posts when I clicked the link to the thread. My reply was directed at you, Silverrendy. Though if anyone else wants to duo, I'd be more than happy to queue with you as well.

    Btw, am on NA
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeMango View Post
    Wow. Sorry I thought were post was separate, I didn't see any other posts when I clicked the link to the thread. My reply was directed at you, Silverrendy. Though if anyone else wants to duo, I'd be more than happy to queue with you as well.

    Btw, am on NA
    Nice however I am on EU as stated above :/ If you are from NA you would have very high ping on EU and vice versa.

    And ye my post got merged with an already existing one probably right after you sumbited your message.

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    America, you great unfinished symphony.
    Play Volibear mostly can play support, top, or jungle

    Currently Bronze IV

    1:1 win ratio over 50% with Voli

    7.4/4.7/13.6 with Voli

    NA server English speaking
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    Possibly looking for someone/team to play with in ranked, NA.

    I play all roles, but my best are Top/mid/adc. Also have every hero but 5 underplayed ones, with 1 played here and there.

    Gold 5, nearly 100% win rate on Ahri (only lost 1 game because of a leaver on my team while we were winning ><), and really good stats on every other hero that I have played often in ranked.

    Toss me a pm or add me ingame(IGN: Kaethan)

    Also have a 2nd 30 account that is unranked completely, and might be willing to play with someone.
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    *Insert story about elo hell and how I'm actually gold, blah blah blah*

    But seriously, I'm better than Bronze, maybe mid Silver, so not quite good enough to carry myself every time. Not even going to give pity stories about crap teams. I'm just looking for someone to queue with so that I know my whole team isn't full retard.

    IGN: Morgantee

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    Hello there, I'm currently a gold 5 NA player looking for a ranked team to play and work with. I consider myself best at jungle, but I have a fairly diverse champion pool at mid and top as well. I'm also experienced with early and late game shot calling. Add me in game @ 1 800 GANK PLS
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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for someone, or a whole team, to play ranked games with. I like to play supp or adc, but can play mid if needed as well. I'm currently gold v, going up and down in there. I'm a mature player, who doesnt flame or anything like that. Recently started playing ranked, before I only played with some friends for a casual game here and there.

    Sum name: BiggerR
    EU west

    Just pm me, or talk to me in game if you are interested. As stated above, looking for someone decent to duo qeue with or a team that needs a decent supp/adc.

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    Konvict Gaming is a European community of gamers that plays all sorts of games ranging from APB to WarZ to World of Warcraft and now also League Of Legends
    we are a mature group of gamers that have experience in alot of games , which now we are trying to make League of Legends one of. Our clan has been around for about 3 years and we plan to stay alive for plenty more.

    Since we are a EU based clan we play on the EU West Server, if you're not level 30 don't worry
    there is always space for the lower levels. We can even help you become level 30.

    what we are looking for is a group of players that can say they enjoy each others company ingame and on TS3
    we will most likely play Casual and Ranked matches of course, and once we got the chemistry of a team we can set up some teams. Our overall aim is to get a big, active and social clan/community within LoL that plays together. Which will then allow people to build relationships with other players to eventually make ranked teams, hopefully at different levels so we can all help each other out to become better players overall.

    Also we are willing to help teams that are already playing together that want to be apart of something bigger. We can help you with this as we can provide, support, TS3, website and loads more.

    If you would like to join us, all we ask is for you to visit and fill out our application form in our forums.
    We ask you are 16+. Have a mic and use Teamspeak 3 (we have an unlimited slot TS3) If you have any other questions feel free to add me on LoL @ KG Dead Serious or join our TS3 server.

    Hope to see you there soon!


    -Konvict Gaming

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