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    Direbrew's Bloodied Shanker (ilvl 365) Vs. Organic Lifeform Inverter (ilvl 359)

    I recently went back to my former cataclysm main character; my assassination rogue. I'm in full epic 359 gear on him, and currently having the Organic Lifeform Inverter in mainhand, and Scaleslicer in off-hand.

    1.8 speed main hand.
    1.4 speed off-hand.

    Today when I was doing the daily brewfest boss though, the dagger dropped. This dagger has overall better stats, but its speed is 2.0. How is this working out for a PvE rogue? Any FACTS out there? I dont care for opinions ect, I would like straight facts; is this 2.0 dagger a better alternative than my current main hand weapon?

    Thankful for answers. Muckey.
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    It's not ideal for sustained dps; but as mutilate you could use two to up your mutilate damage and fan of knives damage (burst).

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    Slower Mainhand is better. 6 Itemlevels do the rest.
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    Fact its 2.0 might accually make it better than the 372 version of lifeform even.
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    It is definitely a better mainhand than the Organic Lifeform Inverter. Rogues (both Assassination and Combat) want slow MHs and fast OHs. Usually this means 1.8/1.4 for Assassination, but when you can take 2.0 speed without an ilvl loss, go for it.

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    You can always use Shadowcraft to calculate what would be a better weapon in terms of DPS gain for you. I backed my character down to all 359 gear and did it myself and the Direbrew Shanker was a decent upgrade from the Organic Lifeform Dagger.

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    Wow. Shadowcraft was incredibly useful! Thanks a LOT Optochip! And big thanks to all others replying as well. If anyone doubted btw; I swapped to the 2.0 dagger, and it is indeed a dps increase
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