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    Summoner name: flarecde
    Region: NA
    Level: 17
    Favorite champ: Sona
    Least Favorite Champ: Anything melee
    Extremely competitive?: Absolutely not
    Do you rage?: Only off camera
    Preferred role: Support
    Able to perform roles: Support, APC a little.
    Age: 31

    I'm not very good, still learning, so if you have little tolerate for noob mistakes don't play with me :P. I only play Normal Blind and Coop, no intention of ever setting foot in the cesspool called Ranked.
    ~ flarecde
    Reality is nothing; Perception is everything.

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    Summoner name : Funkazaur
    Region : NA
    Level : 30
    Favorite champ : Taric,Lulu,Skarner,Xin,Thresh.
    Least Favorite Champ : Mostly melees,since I play ranged most of the time,except Taric,he's quite nice as melee
    Extremely competitive? : Sometimes
    Do you rage? : Not really
    Preferred role : Jungle,Support
    Able to perform roles : Same as above,Jungle and Support
    Age : 20
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    Houston, TX
    Summoner name: Sunfyrre
    Region: NA
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Singed
    Least Favorite Champ : Tryn
    Extremely competitive? : Yes
    Do you rage? : Depends on how stupid you are.
    Preferred role : Top/Jungle
    Able to perform roles : All lanes
    Age : 29
    Sunfyre | @FoGSunfyre

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    I'm not sure if this thread is used much, but I'm always up for new friendships and player pals.

    Summoner name : MyLifeIsRandom
    Region: NA
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Cho'gath
    Least Favorite Champ : Poppy
    Extremely competitive? : Not extremely, but winning is nice.
    Do you rage? : I'm actually remarkably zen. I often have to tell my other friends not to be the rage ones.
    Preferred role : Jungler/Support
    Able to perform roles : I CAN DO ALLS O' DEM
    Age : 22

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    Summoner name: Emrendil
    Region: EU West
    Level: Currently 14
    Favorite champ: Ashe
    Least Favorite Champ: Don't have that much experience yet
    Extremely competitive?: It's nice to win, but if i loose it doesen't bother me that much. For me it's all about fun
    Do you rage?: Nope
    Preferred role: Yep, AD carry
    Able to perform roles: Not yet. I might try a support role in the future
    Age: Full age
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    Deepest, darkest, East Midlands - UK
    Summoner name: xKinKx
    Region: EU West
    Level: 25
    Favorite champ: Teemo, MF, Kha'zix and Lux
    Least Favorite Champ: Any support. I am terrible at not killing things...
    Extremely competitive?: Not really, play for fun and report anyone who goes full retard in chat
    Do you rage?: Not at all. I do like to mock those who do rage though (mostly through sarcasm) without being offensive...
    Preferred role: Mid
    Able to perform roles: Solo top, jungle, mid, ADC
    Age: 32
    Quote Originally Posted by Cybran View Post
    Britain crushed the Egyptians as well. This is what they used to do, kill the people who want independence. Haven't any of you seen Brave heart? Falklands, Northern Ireland and Scotland should be able to break free like India did.

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    Def. Not here.
    Summoner name : Dumledk
    Region:EU WEST
    Favorite champ :Hecarim
    Least Favorite Champ :Karma
    Extremely competitive? :Meh, iget up and running about the game
    Do you rage?: Depends.
    Preferred role :Jungle
    Able to perform roles : Anything
    Age : 18
    Casual, with a capital''C''.
    Pokemon FC: 1993-8365-9328

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    Cardiff, Wales
    Summoner name : Athravan
    Region: NA
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Sona
    Least Favorite Champ : Malphite
    Extremely competitive? : No, but I do like to win of course.
    Do you rage? : Very rarely.
    Preferred role : Support
    Able to perform roles : All
    Age : 30

    Add me to friends if you're a relaxed and cheerful player, I'm happy to play AI games, normal, or even duo queue ranked in the silver bracket. I'll also skype or use TS/vent/whatever but not essential by any means.

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    Summoner name : KikMaN
    Region: Nordic Eu
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Singed
    Least Favorite Champ : Garen
    Extremely competitive? : Nope.
    Do you rage? : Rarely.
    Preferred role : Mid
    Able to perform roles : Jungle, Support, and Top and mid and adc
    Age : 21

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    I am Murloc! Phookah's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Zebes, SR-21
    Summoner name: Phookah
    Region: NA
    Level: 22
    Favorite Champ: Lux/Fiora
    Least Favorite Champ: Zilean
    Extremely Competitive?: Nope.
    Do you rage?: Never.
    Preferred Role: Top
    Able to perform roles: ADC top/bot, Mid, Warwick jungle, aggressive lux support
    Age: 23
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    Uhh yeah I've been slacking lately but that should be everyone added. Sorry 'bout that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okuu View Post
    Uhh yeah I've been slacking lately but that should be everyone added. Sorry 'bout that.
    Ask Axe, Rozzis or Duro to do it. Give them some work to do.
    Perfect Illusion

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    Summoner name : robispro
    Region: NA
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Riven / Katarina / Miss Fortune
    Least Favorite Champ : To play as? Poppy. To play against? Jayce or Yorick
    Extremely competitive? : for the most part yes
    Do you rage? : only at myself for playing poorly
    Preferred role : Top or ADC
    Able to perform roles : I've invested most of my time in support but dislike playing it.
    Age : 23

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    Summoner name : Ichiago
    Region: EUW
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Taric
    Least Favorite Champ : ANY ADC IN THE WORLD
    Extremely competitive? : Not anything serious, participated/won some ESL's.
    Do you rage? : I play support mainly so all I can do is cry. OFTEN.
    Preferred role : Support
    Able to perform roles : Support, Mid, Jungle, Top
    Age : Old enough to get a whiskey able to order it's own whiskey.

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    Elchea Library
    Quote Originally Posted by Majad View Post
    Ask Axe, Rozzis or Duro to do it. Give them some work to do.
    Curse you Majad, giving us stuff to do!

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    Summoner name: Garthong
    Region: EUW
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Morgana
    Least Favorite Champ : Teemo
    Extremely competitive? : Yes
    Do you rage? : It really does depend on how weird my teammates are.
    Preferred role : Support/Top
    Able to perform roles : All lanes
    Age : 23
    Quote Originally Posted by Crabby
    I'm Commander Crabby, and this is my favorite forum on the website.

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    Mechagnome Sonç's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    EU - Outland
    Summoner name: sonzor
    Region: EUW
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ: At the moment, Sona.
    Least Favorite Champ: Trundle.
    Extremely competitive?: Kinda.
    Do you rage?: Quietly. I don't flame. :P
    Preferred role: Adc/support
    Able to perform roles: Adc, Support, Mid, Top.
    Age: 19

    Bronze 1 atm, close to Silver.
    If you want to add me or something, do so, I'd be happy to play some games.

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    Summoner name : Tramautize
    Region: NA
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Ahri / Shaco
    Least Favorite Champ : Garren
    Extremely competitive? : Eh.
    Do you rage? : Not anymore. What ever happens,happens.
    Preferred role : Support/Jungle
    Able to perform roles : Everything.
    Age : 17

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    Summoner name: LadyBrightside
    Region: EU WEST
    Level: 20
    Favorite champ: Kassadin, Nunu, Akali, Karthus, Alistar, Garen
    Least Favorite Champ: Annie, Ezreal
    Extremely competitive?: Very
    Do you rage?: No, not really
    Preferred role: ADC, Support
    Able to perform roles: Support, Mid, Bot, Top
    Age: 20

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    Summoner name : Shingani
    Region: EU West
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Elise
    Least Favorite Champ : Hard to tell!
    Extremely competitive? : Not Extremly, But i like to win!
    Do you rage? : Nope!
    Preferred role : Top / Mid
    Able to perform roles : Any, Really.
    Age : 20, soon 21

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