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    Summoner name : Tikiya
    Region: EU WEST
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ: Fiora, Cho'gath, Lux
    Least Favorite Champ: Kassadin & Jax
    Extremely competitive?: Not really, but I don't like to loose if there are some ridicilous failures.
    Do you rage?: Not really
    Preferred role: All except adc
    Able to perform roles: All except adc Well i can do that aswell but i prefer not to ^^
    Age: 23 going on 24 c:

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    Summoner name : Grumpmeister
    Region: EUNE
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ: Varus and Draven
    Least Favorite Champ: Ezreal (the only ADC I just don't like at all)
    Extremely competitive?: Not extremely. I do play to win (because you have to play for fun, and winning is fun )
    Do you rage?: Never. I get annoyed at ragers, but you'll never hear me rage on (voice)chat.
    Preferred role: ADC
    Able to perform roles: ADC > Support > Jungle > Mid > Top. ADC is by far my strongest role currently. I mained jungle in S2, but a friend claimed it for S3, so I switched to ADC.
    Age: 27

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    Groningen, the Netherlands
    Summoner name : Happybucket
    Region: EUW
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Darius, Singed, Zac, Kennen, Swain
    Least Favorite Champ : Elise and Teemo players can die in a fire
    Extremely competitive? : Yes
    Do you rage? : Yes
    Able to perform roles : All but I hate ADC and mid very much
    Age : 23

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    Summoner name : Nerospiker, Nero the Spiker
    Region: EuW / NA
    Level: 10 / 30
    Favorite champ : Rengar, not even a remote close second
    Least Favorite Champ : ...Kha'zix? XD just messing, Garen... Garen...
    Extremely competitive? : I don't like to lose no matter the circumstance but I will accept defeat should it be hopeless and quickly get into next game.
    Do you rage? : occasionally, mostly at cocky members of the opposing side
    Preferred role : Jungle and Top, I don't like having to rely on others in my lane phase
    Able to perform roles : Any
    Age: 20+
    Come forth coward and answer for your crimes!!

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    A cornfield by a raceway with a tornado flying through (Indiana)
    Summoner Name: DrGumshoe
    Region: NA
    Level: 30
    Favorite Champ: Lulu/Galio/Zyra
    Least Favorite Champ: Hecarim/Xin/Zac (total pubstomps at my elo and I always seem to vs them...)
    Competitive?: I like to play my best as well as listen to (constructive) critique when I do things wrong. If I can't play my best chances are I won't play.
    Rage?: It's rare, and almost never in person, but I get upset when people trashtalk others, sapping whatever remaining fun was left after a loss.
    Preferred role: Support, but I can do anything but jungle atm, and am trying my best to learn that role as well.
    Age: 29
    Light or darkness...which are you blinded by?

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    Summoner name : Kaethan
    Region: US
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Fiora/Irelia
    Least Favorite Champ : Heimerdinger
    Extremely competitive? : Nah
    Do you rage? : have never raged at a game since i was 12
    Preferred role : Top/Mid/Adc
    Able to perform roles : Top/Mid/Adc/support
    Age :21

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    Aman'Thul :o
    Heh, I wanted to try to get back in a year ago, just didn't, but now that I've been pushed into it while playing Tera...

    Summoner name : Seriesh
    Region: NA
    Level: 11
    Favorite champ : Sona/Soraka
    Least Favorite Champ : I have no idea D:
    Extremely competitive? : Somewhat, but once I know what I'm doing more I'll be moreso hopefully.
    Do you rage? : I haven't in ages, so not really.
    Preferred role : Support
    Able to perform roles : ...Support, because it's the only thing I really have a grasp on.
    Age : 22, almost 23
    Is it a bad thing if I'm slightly bored out of my wits half the time even in real life?

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    The Big Apple!(Former Swede)
    Hello you all LoL gamers!

    Summoner name : Lhb Symf0N3
    Region : EUW
    Level : 30
    Favorite Champ : Jarvan IV, Trundle
    Least Favorite Champion : Aint hating on any champ.
    Extremely Competetive : Well, depends. Sometimes when I play with my teammates, it's gameface on. Solo Q is.. yeah, you all probably know.
    Do you rage : Na, I can get frustrated, but I never shout.
    Preferred Role : Jungle or ADC.
    Able to Preform Roles : Capable of doing any role.
    Age : 21.

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    Summoner Name: Sikanaama
    Region: EUW
    Level: 30
    Favourite Champ(s): Zac / Hecarim
    Least Favourite Champ: Heimerdinger or Teemo (I hate turrets and shrooms!)
    Extremely Competitive? Depends. I do play ranked games occasionally but I do prefer more relaxed games. I rarely solo-que. Only around Silver IV level, though.
    Do You Rage? Not exactly rage, but more like... despair? Despair and a sense of shame towards the... less ingenious members of the community? Though for this to happen the "fail has to be strong" in the said invidual :P
    Preferred Role: Jungle
    Able to Preform Roles: Good Support, decent Mid, below average Top and quite terrible ADC :P
    Age: 24

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    Summoner name : Magicseeker
    Region: EUW
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Cho'gath, Ahri, Kassadin
    Least Favorite Champ : Alistair(i am awful at the combo)
    Extremely competitive? : Not really but i do like to win like every person.
    Do you rage? : Never raged
    Preferred role : Top and Mid
    Able to perform roles : Probably all except jungler and to a lesser extent support. I the worst possible jungler.
    Age : 22

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    Summoner name: Uzifix
    Region: EU NE
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Zac, Nidalee, Rengar
    Least Favorite Champ : none
    Extremely competitive? : nope, not at all
    Do you rage? : no, never
    Preferred role : jungle
    Able to perform roles : suck at ADC
    Age : 18
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    Summoner name: Bruce Wayne
    Region: EU-West
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ: Ezreal, Irelia, Vayne
    Least Favorite Champ: None really, I like them all.
    Extremely competitive?: Not really.
    Do you rage?: Almost never.
    Preferred role: ADC
    Able to perform roles: ADC, Support, Jungle, Mid
    Age: 22

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    Summoner name : Opalil
    Region: NE
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Jax
    Least Favorite Champ : Gangplank
    Extremely competitive? : nope
    Do you rage? : sometimes
    Preferred role : jungle/top
    Able to perform roles : never been support :O
    Age : 20

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    Summoner name: The Fab
    Region: EU WEST
    Level: 5 (got old lvl 30 but that was few years ago, want to start fresh and figure out all the new heroes)
    Favorite champ: Shen, Garen, Katarina, Janna
    Least Favorite Champ: nothing atm
    Extremely competitive?: A bit
    Do you rage?: No, not really
    Preferred role: Support, ADC
    Able to perform roles: Support, Mid, Bot, Top
    Age: 26

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    Summoner name: KG Dead Serious
    Region: EU WEST
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ: Fiddle,Shaco anyone who is evil pretty much.
    Least Favorite Champ: nothing in general.
    Extremely competitive?: Can be if need be.
    Do you rage?: Used to but ive learned its just a game.
    Preferred role: Top,Mid,Jungle
    Able to perform roles: All
    Age: 19

    Along with this Id like to add that im a member of a gaming clan called Konvict Gaming our player base for LoL is on the increase and we are always looking for more no matter what level, we play on EU west we also play various other games eg. WarZ APB etc if your interested come visit us at ( www konvictgaming co uk )

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    Orlando, FL
    Summoner name : Cool Tricks
    Region: NA
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : sona, fizz, kennen, riven, lee
    Least Favorite Champ : used to hate singed but love him now. can't really say i have a least favorite.
    Extremely competitive? : competitive, yes. but not so competitive that i will allow my enjoyment of the game to be hurt by a loss.
    Do you rage? : no, and i'm not really interested in playing with people who do
    Preferred role : anything but adc
    Able to perform roles : every role
    Age : 24

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    Nov 2009
    Above you.
    Summoner name : Shalaman
    Region: EUW
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Rammus, Evelynn, Jax, Shen
    Least Favorite Champ : Udyr, Kha'zix, Vayne
    Extremely competitive? : Somewhat, looking to get into that more once i have gotten to gold or higher
    Do you rage? : No, never in normals but in ranked if you make real retarded shit i'm going to comment about it and ask why. Otherwise i just laugh it off.
    Preferred role : Jungle > Top > Support > Mid > ADC
    Able to perform roles : Jungle, Top
    Ex-Ensidia & Clarity-Twisting Nether member.

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    Summoner name: Malgru
    Region: NA
    Level: 30
    Fav champs: Zed, Akali, Lee Sin
    Least fav: Cho'Gath, Nunu, Shaco, most AP mids
    Competitive: Yes, I do everything I can to win.
    Rage?: if you go 0-15-1 at 20 minutes and have 40 CS, probably
    Preferred roles: Top > Jungle > ADC > Mid > Support
    Able to perform: Top, Jungle, kind of ADC

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    Summoner name : Ergarr
    Region: EU West
    Level: 30
    Favorite champ : Wukong, Nasus and Cassiopeia. In that order.
    Least Favorite Champ : Teemo.
    Extremely competitive? : I play to win, but im not extremely competitive.
    Do you rage? : Sometimes.
    Preferred role : Top
    Able to perform roles : Can perform every role pretty much, but pref order: top - mid - adc - jungle - support (only support i know how to play is thresh.
    Age : 17 (18 in less than a month)

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    Summoner name : Griever1994
    Region: US
    Level: 10 (levelling very quickly, won't be accurate probably when you read this).
    Favorite champ : Warwick, Rengar, Tresh, Nasus
    Least Favorite Champ : Annie
    Extremely competitive? : Yes
    Do you rage? : Rarely, mostly at myself since its the only factor i have any control over during a game.
    Preferred role : Jungle, Support
    Able to perform roles : Jungle, Top, Support.
    Age : 22

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