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    I hope that race will be more than just aesthetics, like in WoW each race has a couple of meaningful racials, they aren't powerful enough to dictate what race you HAVE to be, but they are a nice little bit of flavour. Rift racials are more or less pointless imo, and it just amounts to aesthetics... I'm hoping they go the WoW route rather than the Rift one, I like my race to mean something more than just that I like the pixels (tho that is often the deciding factor in what race I choose anyway...)

    On topic:

    No not every class can be every race, which makes sense.
    Right now races are purely aesthetic, no racials, though some dialogue options change depending on your race... But who knows, that might end up changing before it ships.

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    Bioware has stated that if they do implement racials, they wont be combat bonuses. They don't want people min/maxing races.

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    No not all races can be all classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronik2k2 View Post
    There's no confirmed list yet, but they have said in various convention interviews that some races will not be able to be certain classes because of overarching lore (Chiss force users basically don't exist) and they're debating some race class combinations based on the class story.

    I suspect we'll get a final confirmed official list a little ways down the road.
    But there has been Chiss Jedi and Dark Jedi...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Excellion View Post
    But there has been Chiss Jedi and Dark Jedi...
    Yep, two (I think) confirmed Chiss force users (hence the qualifier basically in my statement), and both from the Clone Wars era, 3000+ years after Old Republic.

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