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    Let's all "refer a friend" each other?

    Can we do that and get a month of free time? Or am I overlooking something...

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    do you really trust a unknown person that much?

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    What are all the benefits you get from doing refer a friend?

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    the games not even out there is no friend referal...yet

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    Besides, most (or at least many) of the people who post in a TOR forum in October have already pre-ordered a CE.

    I.e., why not get extra RL$ from the initial true believers (e.g. $150 for CE and full-price). Later is when the discounts happen. I feel confident that prior to the launch of the successor to WoW you will see RAF.

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    There is refer a friend, but I don't think you get anything for it yet.


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    Maybe we can revisit this when an actual system for it is announced. As of now, there is nothing.


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