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  • Q4 2011 (Oct - Dec)

    11 4.01%
  • Q1 2012 (Jan-Mar)

    124 45.26%
  • Q2 2012 (Apr - Jun)

    111 40.51%
  • Q3 2012 (Jul-Sep)

    19 6.93%
  • Q4 2012 (Oct-Dec)

    5 1.82%
  • 2013+

    4 1.46%
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    Guess Possible Release Date

    Guess the possible release date in the poll.

    Stole the Developers comment's of ANET as info. Also using some information given on other Fansites.

    - It's been hinted that the release of Guild Wars 2 will not coincide with the Guild Wars 1 Anniversary. So please don't say "The release date with be April 28th" unless you have a significant reason why it'd be so. Also remember April 28th is a Saturday...
    - At the time of me typing this Guild Wars 2 is in Alpha stage.
    - Closed Beta will begin after Alpha, which is to begin this year.
    - Guild Wars 2's development started in early 2007
    - Just because they are reworking something (eg: traits) doesn't mean the game is delayed

    Wanted to clarify something since I see this bit of misinformation quite a bit. We released Nightfall in late October of 2006, at this time we were actively developing the next GW1campaign which was called Utopia. We decided early in 2007 to stop Utopia development and start both GW2 and Guild Wars:Eye of the North development. We announced this almost as soon as we made the decision and in fact had a very small team laying the groundwork for GW2 while the vast majority of the company worked on Eye of the North. It wasn't until EotN shipped in late August 2007 that we really started GW2 development in earnest. This means we've really been working on GW2 for about 4 years and aren't actually close to 5 years let alone 6 years. I think what makes it seem like a long time is that we announced the project very early on so GW1 fans would know why we weren't doing any more campaigns. Hope that clears
    things up.

    - Posted on 9/4/11
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    Personally March 2012.

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    My heart desires Q4 of this year but my brain says otherwise. My guess is Q2 of 2012. Q1 if we're VERY lucky. Trying to be hopeful.

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    Late Q1/Early Q2.

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    My guess would be early 2012.

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    Q1 next year. When they go to closed beta this year and invite people outside studio who will most likely make videos of their first impression and write reviews even that it's still beta, it will be almost ready game when that happen, because they want to give good first impression. Open beta most likely follow quite fast if that goes well. I am guessing open beta/preview early Q1 next year and actual launch end of Q1. I suppose "open beta" will be like these beta weekend events that gw1 had which let you play part of game to get taste of it.

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    I'm feeling that mid feb 2012 would be around the correct time. Sadly that is most likely just me feeling that I really want it to come around then (school is chill so can skip a few days)
    And as someone stated, around mars would acctually be more accurate

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    I reeaally hope Q1 2012 D:
    2011 is too soon, but Q2+ 2012 is still so far away D:<

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    I feel like March.

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    late Q2 2012. This leaves time for a close beta this fall, and Q1 2012 for iteration and changes based on close beta suggestions. Another Beta testing those changes in late Q1, more refinement in early Q2 and release in late Q2.
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    Not later then march.

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    My guess is Q2. If CB/OB goes smooth then late Q1.

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    My guess is around Apr-June 2012. I feel like releasing it during the beginning of summer will let more people play through it, and it'd be time after some people get tired of SW

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    Quote Originally Posted by wynnyelle View Post
    My heart desires Q4 of this year but my brain says otherwise. My guess is Q2 of 2012. Q1 if we're VERY lucky. Trying to be hopeful.
    I agree with this.

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    I am going to guess they will try to release it in March of 2012

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    Q3 2012, just accounting for the inevitable delays that will happen on a game this anticipated/good looking. >.>

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    Voted Q2
    Though they really should release it by Q1. They hype train can't run forever, and I feel like it'll slowly start to become less popular and irrelevant as other big titles are released.
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    I'm thinking it'll be out by the end of March 2012. After getting my hands on it and seeing just how polished this game is in person, I can't see how they'd need more time than that to finish it off and release an amazing game.

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    I hope for late Q2.
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    Not this year atleast, most likely gonna be in closed beta by the end of the year. The way the game's looking right now, I'm gonna say february or march (hoping atleast).

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