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    With the release date set..

    With the release date finally set, any speculation as to when people who paid for the collectors edition will get the early entry in to the game to play?



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    Early entry would be max 10 to 3 days. They said that they would probably give a period of grace to download the game. You can cancel the pre-order and still play the early entry if you have register the pre-order code.

    After the early access you have to register your game code to continue

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    3 to 10 days sounds about right as Stephen Reid said early access will be days not weeks, but longer than the weekend before. All pre-orders, regardless of the edition ordered, get early access. Early access is tiered meaning the sooner you pre-ordered, the sooner you get early access. Also your exact early access time is determined by when you applied your pre-order code to your SWTOR account.

    Finally, there is a grace period as well. Early access will be given through digitial download, regardless of whether you purchased a phsycial or digital copy. The download will be available before early access starts. For people who ordered a phsycial copy of the game, you will get a grace period to continue playing the game without having to apply the game code from the physical copy to your account. The time period of the grace period is currently unknown.

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    Not weeks, longer than a weekend. So therfor 3-6 days. I would probably say the Friday before release is when it will start.

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    Friday before the release!
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