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    Quote Originally Posted by Vook View Post
    ...Can't tell if serious or trolling.
    I'm leaning on the more serious side.
    Quote Originally Posted by sickopath
    Cast heal on target> target reaches full health> gains echo of light for 30(or 15) seconds.

    -As soon as they reduce from full health, echo of light starts ticking over 6 seconds. It stops again when at full health.
    I like. I like so much.
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    The ONLY problem I have with Holy Priest regen this tier is NOT our regen mechanic itself; but the fact that there are no options for spirit gear from the Firelands raid. That means that for this tier, holy priests are forced to wear ilvl 378 gear that has spirit and no heroic version or lose regen. This also means that Holy priests have less spellpower and mana than other healers JUST to have the same regen as them.

    The dragonsoul raid appears to have spirit items in it's loot table.

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    If you aren't stacking haste too much, Holy priest regen is more than fine. I'm wearing 3 non-spirit pieces at the moment and I'm far from full heroic FL gear.

    Regarding EoL:

    My take on it is that it's fine for now. EoL tends to be more overhealing on 25 man due to faster topping off of health bars, but on 10 man it's far from a very overheal heavy addition to our healing. If anything it's in a very acceptable range at ~20-30% depending on the fight. Yes, it stinks more on 25 man, but yall also benefit way more from a bugged capless Sanctuary ground heal. Overall, taking in the whole...

    Holy is fine on PTR. Just let it go for this expac, and only complain about the Lightwell 4-set bonus!! Complain about that >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti View Post
    I'm leaning on the more serious side.
    Despite the fact that blizzard pointed out the obvious: "Raids were neglecting holy because it had no raid CD" ?

    Buffing DH into a better raid CD isn't "eye patch for QQers", it's making Holy no longer neglected solely because of raid CDs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Precursor View Post
    "Fall of therzane....." what? if that woman fell , god help us it will be the second cataclysm
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    Ill finally be able to raid Non-Discipline without the glaring eyes from my guild. FU BARRIER! BAI.
    My Armoury 7/7 HC Firelands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vereesà View Post
    I can't see DH beating Tranq. any time soon, assuming Tranq's HoT doesn't overheal.
    Quick math from recent logs; both cases are actual casts of Tranquility or Divine Hymn from last 2 weeks of raiding and have been adjusted to show raw throughput (0% overheal). These 2 spells should overheal about equally given similar length of channel and length of hots (although EoL overhealing will be logged separately unlike Tranquility).

    581,437 healing with Tree of Life, Harmony (1430 mastery, 20.0%), Power Torrent all active

    Divine Hymn:
    207,838 healing base
    346,397 adjust for 5 ticks instead of 3 (*5/3)
    692,793 adjust for 100% increase from 2/2 Heavenly Voice
    820,874 add in Echos of Light ticks (1218 mastery 18.5%)

    Add in a 10% healing buff to everyone healed and Divine Hymn looks competitive/better than Tranquility. Vook and others point out, having Divine Hymn buffed into a real raid cooldown puts more Holy Priests into raids. A nice buff and even nicer bonus for anyone (like me) who enjoys raiding as a Holy Priest.

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    Barrier still scales better in 25man versus 10man, sadly.

    25man = Maximum 23 targets on damage reduced (think Beth'tilac). New Divine Hymn = 20 max targets healed. Edit: let's not forget you can GLYPH for 10% healing during Barrier, so the 10% bonus during Hymn is moot (also excluding the fact that Barrier is instant cast and Hymn is channeled).

    Plus, damage PREVENTED is always better than damage HEALED.

    But the urgent "NEED DISC PRIEST" vs. Holy Priest might be lessened a bit.

    TL;DR Barrier is still superior in given situations, where in others Hymn might be better...and I'm glad I can, and am willing to, spec either.
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    Barrier has its flaws as well. You need to actually be within the barrier, all 25 people aren't guaranteed to be so unless they are stacking on the boss's tail. And even in those cases, the two tanks aren't within the confines of the Barrier, so it's at best 23 vs 20. Divine Hymn on the other hand has bigger range and can even heal people out of LoS of you. Furthermore, Barrier requires pre-emptive knowledge of the incoming damage to have everyone stack and put it up. Divine Hymn is a reactive heal. I wouldn't over compare them without context. On some bosses DH will be better, and on others Barrier will be. The content itself will end up deciding which one is "better" in the next tier :/

    And considering how Spirit Link, Tranq, Aura Mastery, and DH, and the tank raid walls aren't a cluster in a small bundle type of ability -- Barrier ends up being the odd ball out. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing will require some PTR boss encounter info.

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    On the point that Barrier is "proactive" vs. Hymn being "reactive," on Majordomo, my raid leader tells our Druid and myself exactly when to use Tranq and when to use Barrier. So...depends on the encounter.

    And I did admit that, given specific encounter design, one would always(?) be "better" than the other, and I'm glad I'm given the option to choose between both. I think people who wish to exclusively (ie. "It's more fun!") play Holy over Disc, and vise versa, are just limiting their selves. But it's truly no fun when one spec is "dominant" in an entire raid tier.
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    DH in its current ptr form is going to be massively overpowered in 10s, particularly if it stays a 2m cd. In 25 it's more reasonable. The problem with balancing it is that barrier scales too well going from 10 to 25, so you either balance things like DH/Tranq around the "healing" barrier does in 25 and have them seriously overpowered in 10, or you balance them around 10 and have them worthless in 25. There are of course several ways to fix this issue (for example, adding DR on barrier when too many people are inside) but Blizz doesn't seem to want to go down that road.

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    OK Wuga... A) It isn't going to stay a 2minute CD. B) Tranq has been this way in 10s for how long now?

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    stacking domo scorpion adrenaline up to 11:

    Myself at 39% overheal (ugh) - sanc + AoEspam spikes to 45k. That's a gasp 70k spike (raw).
    When the druid tanqs, his spike hits 50k and he's at 45% overheal. Adjust and his looks a little more like a 90k spike (raw).

    Mine lasts 20 seconds and can be repeated 10 seconds after it ends. His is on a 3 minute cooldown and only lasts 10 seconds.
    So why were we at a disadvantage again?

    I know it doesn't work in 10 man, but it kind of illustrates my earlier point.
    I wish I had heroic logs to show you. Sorry
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    As stated by the guy above, Divine Hymn is absurdly OP on the PTR right now. It easily takes a 5 man group in which everyone has about 20% to 100% before the cast has even gone halfway through. Can't wait to see what it can do in a 10 man. Also, expect some nerfs to it in the near future >.>

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    Tranq doesn't take a 5man group from 20% to 100% before the cast has even gone halfway through? Hard to believe.

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    Has anybody tested, if the limitation of targets is now effective? If no, it will be horribly OP. If they have fixed it, it wont do that much more healing through the additional targets, because it already healed 15 to 18 targets prebuff

    I read something about reduced manacost for power word sanc :-D
    Has anybody got numbers on that? And has the tRget limitation been fixed?

    Thx for answers

    ---------- Post added 2011-09-29 at 08:04 PM ----------

    nobody got some information about the new Hymn / Sanc ?
    (my ptr is still downloading, 8gb, wth?)

    ---------- Post added 2011-09-29 at 11:01 PM ----------

    Divine Hymn target limitation ist still bugged! 25-30 heals at over 20k healing incomming!! :-D

    Holy Word spells seem to ither be bugged, or they're testing new stuff!
    Cooldown of Serenity is currently only 6sec, and Sanctuary 16sec. Sanc manacosts are unchanged though...
    Serenity 6sec CD would be great! improved holy shock :-) constant 50% crit whilst tankhealing inc! :-D
    considering this, the shaman change (tankhealbuff) and the revamped Holy-Radiance, they still seem to try bringing all healerclasses out of the niche-healing (tankheal/AE heal) by making all classes viable for all jobs...
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    Divine Hymn is only healing more than Tranq because of the way Haste affects it. Tranq just casts faster, while Divine Hymn will always take the same amount of time to cast, but gains extra ticks. Each breakpoint adds 5 more heals.

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    Mastery as holy is RIDICULOUSLY powerful with Divine Hymn. I'm getting 2500 ticks with only IF as a buff with my 4.1 toon (366) geared with 18.27 mastery on the PTR.

    Oh mastery build, how you and me will get to know eachother in the near future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaeldin View Post
    the cooldown is being reduced by 5 mins aka reduced to 3 mins

    Tranquility - Holy Version! With 10% more healing on people affected by it

    DH > Tranq, eat that stinky trees!
    Tranq = DH silly. You might have 10% increased healing but Tranq still puts up a hot and when popped with ToL, you still get shat on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perished View Post
    Tranq = DH silly. You might have 10% increased healing but Tranq still puts up a hot and when popped with ToL, you still get shat on.
    On the contrary, my young disciple unbeliever. Your sentence was annulled, and refuted. You forgot to attach the Echo of Light as evidence. I declare your sentence invalid.

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