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    haste / trinket question

    im currently at 2780haste using Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor And Necromatic focus

    im currently not getting DI

    should i stick with this trinket setup or switch 1 out for darkmooncard reforged to haste

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    Umm... perhaps you might explain why you are thinking about doing this? You are already over the amount of haste you need for 30% haste without DI and the only reason I would think that would be good would be if you are trying to get to that benchmark.

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    cause ppl are still set on dmc being bis for some reason atleast thats what they tell me

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    oh.. yea.. no... don't listen to those people -_- vplc was buffed enough to be our bis and normal NF and dmcv are very close in rating. Though since you are over 2589 for haste and you don't get DI, you probably would get more benefit from NF than DMCV... though you certainly can try it but I would leave the dmcv unreforged because at this point mastery is better for you.

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    should i even switch to greater mastery glove enchant and use lavawalker too?

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    yes... as long as you don't drop below 2589 haste you should see a bit of a boost from that.

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    Hm may not fit the topic perfectly but I am right now in kind of a similar situation except for the fact that my haste is much higher i am right now at 3030 haste and aiming at 3202 the next DP breakpoint with a litle dropluck it should be possible soon ... Anyone ever tought about this beeing worth it ?

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