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    That looks very very good IMO. Different, but in a good way!

    One of the best looking T13 by far, GZ Priests!

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    Wondering how this will look like on my goblin...

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    This is what I thought of when I saw it.

    Lord Sauron would approve.

    OT: I'm also liking the shoulder faces.
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    Holy s... that is one awesome looking set! damn

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    Don't like it at all, i still hope is unfinished yet, since no official announce and retrospective..
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    Amazing set, shoulders remind me a bit of absolution set but i love it nonetheless.
    Priest? What do you mean i'm a priest?
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    Quote Originally Posted by unfadableangel View Post
    That's not very nice. I'm really not trolling. It is a serious question.
    Didn't said you were trolling, the person you quoted was trolling.

    Quote Originally Posted by crapapelada View Post
    This incoming tier sucks badly. I tried to argument this sentence, but there's really nothing else I think about it. There's no toilet this time, but that three-faced tier that will make us look like a power ranger foe is really ugly. Really really ugly. So ugly it hurts...
    So i bet you wish that there was a feature that letting you change your appearance to whatever you want but keep the new tiers stats, that would be great, yeah.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasselina View Post
    I'm EXTREMELY sorry for saying this but... anyone else thought of KKK when looking at it?
    Only if the KKK was around 2000 B.C.

    It's clearly based off ancient egyptian (or even mayan) culture.

    The gear resembles the KKK outfit about as much as it does Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of Santa):

    But if you really, really, REALLY want to think of the KKK when looking at this awesome set... sure... I guess....

    Priests just won the election for best looking t13 set tho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by enfermera View Post
    my face was the same as on the gear.
    flat and unimpressed
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    reminds me of the vega mask from street fighter aha xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukrainium View Post
    Looks like a ripoff of The Arisen race from Allods Online.
    Then the tier 11 is a ripoff from my toilet, personally i love the set!!

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    Priests. You didnt have to QQ that much...
    I mean, now it shows on your gear!

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    I think that it looks unique compared to the previous tier armour sets for priests, but still conveys the feel that it is priest armour. It has that mystical edge to it, mainly because of the faces on the shoulderpads and the helmet. I don't know if I will wear it, I will have to see how it will look on my character. The human male model is not ideal in my opinion to properly judge, since...well, human males look like secret admirers of Arnie's bodybuilding days, thus wearing robes makes them more weird-looking, in a negative way, than awesome. By what I can see right now I like the feel, but I do not like the absence of a good level of detail on it as well as the colour pallette. The colours feel blunt, plain, and kind of "drown" the shapes instead of help show them off. I like the fingerless gloves as well, but hate the belt, if that is a matching belt, or the shape of the waist area if it isn't, I really don't like big belts and prefer some elegant graphic in the waist area. All in all, an at least interesting armour set.

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    i dont see how the ptr is live yet still no dk gear

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    The mask kind of looks like the Ordinators mask from Tes:3. Still pretty neat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hornfreak View Post
    i dont see how the ptr is live yet still no dk gear
    As far as I can tell from the blue posts the public test realms are active to test some, very little of the content of patch 4.3. A lot of the upcoming content is not even past the inception phase yet. As time goes by more and more content will be included for testing. So, not everything is going to be available for testing from the beginning.

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    It's a really awesome set, reminds me of the Leper King in Kingdom of Heaven. Aside from that, the set is most likely trying to capture the "Silent Judge" theme of the priest.

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    it would look better on a BE model

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    I think it has an excellent look. It reminded me somewhat of the season 3/tier 6 gear. Really impressed with it and that's not something I usually say about Blizzard's gear design!

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    Is it just me or does tge helmet look like a harliquin mask?
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