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    this is one of my faves of the new sets.

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    It's the kind of set that is so different from the usual that you either love it or hate it. There's no middle ground. And I absolutely love it, although I don't care for the re-colors. The golden one is just perfect.

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    I don't even play a priest and this, so far, has been my favorite looking T13 set. I really want to level a priest just to use Avatar/Absolution or this set to 'Mog.
    Now that I think about it, priests have had the majority of all my favorite sets.. T2, T3, T5, T6, T8, T11, T13. Sad that I play a class whose sets mostly look ridiculous. (Hunter)

    Also, I think the pictures are from highest tier to lowest
    LFR = Dull, Normal = Silver, Heroic = Gold

    Just my guess
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    My Priest is my main, and I LOVE this set! It's scary, gives me chills when I look at it. The mask is soulless, hides all emotion and mercy. It delves headlong into the uncanny valley and emerges with a chilling and very un-Priest-like, but very cool, set! reminds me a bit of the Reliquary of Souls with the multiple faces. Simply awesome, I cannot wait to get my hands on this in 4.3.

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    This is one of the most awesome sets EVER in this game for me. I think it's the first time since I started playing this game in 2007 that I wish I played a priest.

    Oh and that I was still subbed I guess =)

    I just love the theatrical/phantom of the opera/two-faced Harlequin/chess theme. Awesome with a capital A.

    Grats to you guys. I'd trade paladin t13 for yours any day of the week.

    Where's Kelesti, I need to complain that priests always get more awesome stuff than paladins!
    - Looks like they took him to some bolt hole in the Wounded Coast.
    - I wonder if it's near the Injured Cliffs? Or the Limping Hills? Massive-Head-Trauma-Bay? No? Just me? *sigh* Forget I said anything.

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    I LOVE THIS TIER SET!!! Looks kind of like the leper King Baldwin IV from Kingdom of Heaven.
    "While the proud child remembers his father that died, the cycle continues with vengeance alive in his eyes." Immortal Technique Ft. Ill Bill - War Is My Destiny

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    I love it, though I'm hoping the None heroic set isn't the gold 1. I prefer the middle and right coloured variations. Perhaps the gold 1 will be none set drops with the same model as the tier. I can see its resemblance to the Arisen in ALLODS but tbh I luv them so I'm really pleased. Nice surprise after refreshing mmo champ after reading Sylvanas' story on the official wow site. ^^ I'm thinking this is gonna look so awesome on female undead xD
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    Im just gonna leave this here.

    Large pictures are not your friend
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    Don’t blink.
    Blink and you’re dead.
    Don’t turn your back.
    Don’t look away.
    And don’t blink.
    Good Luck.

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    Reminds me of this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasselina View Post
    I'm EXTREMELY sorry for saying this but... anyone else thought of KKK when looking at it?
    I thought that for Warlock T10

    Quote Originally Posted by SDMF View Post
    Reminds me of this:

    Gladiator <3

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    Looks decent, I can live with it. The far left has the best color scheme.

    Yay for no more toilet bowls/bird baths.

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    Let me get my snarks out of the way:

    (1) Clearly the name will be the Raiment of the Jabbawockeez
    (2) Bishop takes Priest. Checkmate.
    (3) "Why yes, I did grow my goatee from my bottom eyelashes."
    (4) Must. See. On. Tauren. Model.

    Real answer: I like it. I look at it and it says "priest" to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MushroomBomb View Post
    Anybody consider it might be inspired by the Twilight Prophet? It's obviously hard to say (as we haven't seen him/her yet), but I'm willing to bet it's a decent possibility. It's certainly not modelled on any abilities.
    I think it's a play on Benedictus' betrayal of the Church of Holy Light and RL myths of Saint Mary or angels statues crying blood. It symbolizes the Light's hurt/ache/disappointment at the betrayal of one of it's most beloved figures since Benedictus is/was like WoW's pope.

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    I am extremely happy with this tier set. Now... to fix the bonuses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madam View Post
    Don’t blink.
    Blink and you’re dead.
    Don’t turn your back.
    Don’t look away.
    And don’t blink.
    Good Luck.
    Doctor Who FTW

    Still Jester + Bishop + Weeping Angel = Win

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    Looks like plate to me (shoulders+head). Colors - ugly as hell. The faces - looks underworked and stiff. Robe - same ugly pattern they had for years on green items. Spikes and flames - ....why? Noo... Just no. I can't even stand watching it.

    Looks like they really tried though.... :S Ok, Michael Kors, come help!

    Luckily there will be trans!

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    Grats priests

    Your t13 is effin amazing looking. Im jealous.

    Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

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    Now that i think about it, it seems like it's Darkmoon Faire esque, like if I had to pick one thing from WoW that it could resemble, it's be that

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    I see only guys with priests for mains are complaining. I think it looks awesome.

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