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    I'd rather a brand new demonic raven sorta look for the new shadowform, and then put in a minor glyph that lets u use the old form, like what they did with tree form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PricklyBear View Post
    At the end of this video...last 10 seconds or so...they show a "new Shadowform effect", which is basically removing the old effect.
    That is only the cancelling of shadowform aura which several posts on this thread have already talked about. On the PTR, there are currently two shadowform 'buffs' shown, one which modifies the damage and such, and the other which is the visual aura.

    You can cancel (right click or /cancelaura) the visual effect right now while keeping the spell/etc. aura. This looks like a bug.

    It is likely tied to the glyph change. Either a) it's always been like that and they've kept the visual aura buff invisible to players, or b) they needed to separate the spell/damage aura from the visual effect in order to provide this alternate effect from the new glyph.

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    Well there is a shadowform alt visual spell in wowhead which uses the same shapeshift with another spell which seems to be the visual effect used on the spectral mobs on Auchenai Crypts.

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    I wonder if it'll be the kind of effect Lilian Voss has? The purple flame style...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ansible View Post
    I wonder if it'll be the kind of effect Lilian Voss has? The purple flame style...

    god i hope not.

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    I'd love a "lighter" shadow, or ravens...but the lilan voss style, i'll probably never use.

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    Any new effects would be nice. Always good to have more options.

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    Lilian Voss shadowform... donno if I'd glyph something to intentionally lower my FPS.
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    I guess this glyph will just remove the visual effect of the shadowform. Making shadowform buff just an ordinary buff with no visuals (like Vampiric Embrace).

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    OMG! I was just thinking to myself how it sucks that I won't see any of my xmogg'ed gear under my shadowform Honestly though, having that shadowform does make my priest feel more "oooo face melty" than say a warlock :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cephius View Post
    To what though? Exciting non the less!
    I'm guessing it's less purply, OR it removes that effect.
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    I'm going to guess that this is to alter the Shadowform to make the Priest's gear more visible so they can take more advantage of the Transmogrification function
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    Holy shit reading that post made my eyes feel weird. My sight is superfocused too...

    fuck this shit man I'm going to sleep

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    I like the current shadowform.
    I don't want to be able to remove it, because then my raid will force me to do it because "they can't see my char". Why does Blizzard like black and purple ground so much in their raid instances?

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    Quote Originally Posted by surrounded View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SyrahGrunt View Post
    Spectral EVERYTHING !!!
    ^ this

    Nice found thoug can't wait to see what it looks like
    Spectral? NO WAY!
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    Pinkform!!! D;

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    All they need do is turn shadow orbs into ravens. Then the heavens would be at peace, finally.

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    This shadowform has ravens, anyone?
    trololol didn't read

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    I have never watched a thread as closely as I've watched this one. I hope they implement it in the PTR soon so we can see what it's all about.

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    Oh nice, look forward to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astraeusz View Post
    Well, now it would probably be worth using Transmogrification for SPriests, but what about Boomkins and Feral (both tank and dps)?
    Yea, sure...

    The only thing to do is to tank and dps in normal form then. Simple melee attack solves the dps problem. And anyway, even if dps is lower, who cares? WE CAN USE THE LAMEST FEATURE BLIZZ INSERTED INTO THE GAME!!!.

    So fucking horray. Thats why I hate transmogrification - it landed in time when sets are much better looking then those in past and anyway every1 wants to use this crap.

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