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    Confused as to what trinkets to use

    Hi all i would be interested to know what you all think about healing trinkets u like using , looking at ask mr robot BIS trinkets it has :
    rune of zeth
    Fiery Quintessence .
    My guild has only just started working on 10 HC in FL so far 1/7 working on Lord this week ..
    i currently have EYE , Rune and Fiery, havent managed to get jaws yet .. so currently
    Both have use: int procs activating Quintessence lasts 25 secs .. as soon as its off
    Rune of Zeth is available , so activate that lasts for 15 secs
    so for a total of 40 secs i have over 1200 + int
    50 secsonds later i can use my trinkets again , so having 1200 int for 40 secs with a 50 sec CD is it worth it .
    the only other trinket i have is Eye of Blazing Power which is a constant 383 int .

    What are your thought about these trinkets


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    In my opinion most trinkets other then rune of zeth kind of suck I have Zeth and Jaws my self but at the moment Jaws is only there for the +int the on use ability sucks for me, If I could get my hands on the Eye I would use that with Zeth purly because mana is of no concern for me at the moment and crit is my highest stat besides int.

    I do like the idea of having 2x + int trinkets to use one after the other but the thoughts of a trinket with nearly 400 spirit on it sends chills down my spine, its hard enough getting items without spirit on them and reforging it out without adding 400 more onto my character.

    That's what I think about the trinket choice as for your self use the trinkets that match your play style, I noticed your mainly stacking mastery which could mean your casting shields more then my self if that is the case then I think your trinket choice is fine, you have the Spirit for regen and all the +int you need to make your bubbles larger.
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