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    I'm thinking Lilian Voss' 'shadowform', honestly. Seems most likely, and also means if they carry on with her story she's a little less of a unique freak. Also, was purdy ;D
    - Dum Spiro Spero
    While I breathe, I hope.

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    Don't know if anyone has mentioned but on the current PTR you can remove the shadowform without removing the effect, you now have two spells, one is the shadow effect and the other is the spell effect, so you can right click on the shadow and it keeps the spell effects. If this stays it has basically solved the transmog problem.

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    Ok... I am going to lock this now as everyone is just repeating things that have been already said and clearly not reading the thread. If they fix the glyph we can start a new thread.

    To recap:

    Currently the Glyph for Shadowform is not useable so no one knows what it does. Currently on the PTR shadowform gives you two buffs. One gives you all the stat effects of shadowform and the other controls the look of shadowform. The one that controls the look of shadowform can be clicked off independently of the other buff.

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