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    Does this mean that Sylvanas is indeed alive in the real time?

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    yes shes alive and well...check out her story,just read it about a hr ago it was great

    also the events that happen in these dungeons are not affecting the present sort to speak. both baine and sylvanas are still alive

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    Nozdormu is one of the Aspects assisting us during the Deathwing fight, so he must be pretty alive and kicking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teve View Post
    Nozdormu is one of the Aspects assisting us during the Deathwing fight, so he must be pretty alive and kicking.
    we kill his future self. Not his present self.

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    Sounds quite cool to me, but didn't read it all. I'll have to come back when I've got more time, or try it on the PTR assuming it's up on there and I can get a character over. Unlikely seeing as the waiting time is 15 days. -.-
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    Quote Originally Posted by Biggiej View Post
    I have already been able to form strats for these fights already if they keep the abilities the same, in the end a lot of moves are generic and repititve and you can know what to expect.
    i think.... distortion bombs, it specifically says it removes them... so what if they stay on the ground, for the entirety of the fight, unless you reverse time.
    if you reverse to often, you run out, and die by fire, vice versa for trying to hold out to long.

    question is, will reverse time fill murozonds health as well?

    mmm, are the dungeons on the ptr yet?
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    Better start reading up...

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    If Elune has abandoned Tyrande, how can Tyrande still use Elune-powers?

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    There's a detailed runthrough of all the bosses in the new instance on the PTR if you havn't seen it yet.

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    Murozond is a awesome fight! From the PTR, it doesnt seem like the haste buff is loosing any stacks (not sure what happens when you step on the yellow swirling circles on the ground, might loose a stack or something). When you hit the hourglass, you get 200% haste and 200% movement speed, which is insain. On the PTR with a premaid warrior, I was easily able to hit 55k dps! So if you ask me, this is the most awesome fight ever made!

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