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    Purely awesome fights

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    so chimeraon is back? bwd was merely a setback?

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    Bouncing a wave around then hitting the boss with said wave sounds like a ton of fun.

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    So apparently the Molten Deathwing isn't the last phase of the fight - it's the immune system phase. If the picture above the immune system phase is anything to go by, that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tidus93 View Post
    so chimeraon is back? bwd was merely a setback?
    You can read right? It's all [PH], placeholder.

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    You guys are complaining about spoilers when the thread name is "Patch 4.3 - Raid - Dragon Soul Strategy".


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    Quote Originally Posted by Yvan View Post
    spoiler tags would be nice.
    I don't think a spoiler tag is needed. Seems pretty much like common sense that if you are going to look at this page you should be already not caring about spoilers.

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    Warlord Zon'ozz's abilities involve Iso'Rath... so that thing in Dragonblight is Iso'Rath as well?! Did it move from the Twilight Highlands, or is it just really... freaking... BIG!!?!

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    Ughhh.... shit boss models. Seriously, why the hell do they always use the same models!!?? I don't want to fight against the "break yourselves upon my body" guy, again.

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    A. Why would this be anything but "spoilers"? If you click the dungeon journal data for the upcoming raid, what else would it be?
    B. We knew there were going to be tentacles and such, as it has been discussed on the front page already.
    C. "What is Chimaeron doing there?" "I didn't know Chimaeron was back." Not sure if people are trolling, but PH means placeholder. Not every DJ entry is complete.

    The Deathwing fights sound pretty epic. It will be interesting to see how much of a struggle the top guilds have to defeat him on heroic. I realise that such players have no lives and can do hundreds of attempts in a week; but it is still going to take some serious practice and strategising!

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    Finkle Einhorn [PH]
    Finkle Einhorn, gnome explorer extraordinare, has been captured by Nefarian and cannot be freed from his cage until Chimaeron is slain. A player can talk to Finkle before the fight begins to convince him to activate his Bile-O-Tron, which helps keep the raid alive. Activating the Bile-O-Tron also wakes Chimaeron.

    Bile-O-Tron [PH] - When Finkle activates the Bile-O-Tron, it moves about the room and sprays raid members with Finkle's Mixture as long as it is active. Chimaeron periodically knocks the Bile-O-Tron offline.
    Finkle's Mixture [PH] - The Bile-O-Tron sprays Finkle's Mixture on the raid while online. Finkle's Mixture prevents players whose health is above 10000 from dropping below 1 health.

    Stage One: Truly Something to Behold [PH]
    Chimaeron attacks his current target with Break and Double Attack, while continually spraying Caustic Slime at the raid. He periodically casts Massacre on the raid, and his heads sometimes Feud following a Massacre.

    Caustic Slime - Chimaeron lobs Caustic Slime at two random players. Each Caustic Slime inflicts 235200 Nature damage, divided evenly among all players within 6 yards of the target. Caustic Slime also reduces chance to hit by 75% for 2.5 sec. In 25 player raids Chimaeron lobs Caustic Slime at five random players.

    Stage Two: A Horrific Creation [PH]
    At 20% health Chimaeron goes into a rage. This renders him immune to Taunt effects and greatly decreases healing done by players.

    Mortality - Chimaeron goes into a rage, rendering him immune to Taunt effects. In addition, he reduces healing effects done to players by 100%. In 10 player raids Chimaeron takes 10% increased damage while Mortality is active.
    Damnit blizzard, stop reusing old content!

    OT: Ehmmm, It doesn't sound as epic, prolly cuz this is only normal mode?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ftk View Post
    I didn't know chim was back boub.
    That's why it says [PH] for placeholder Mr. 73 posts....

    And big laughs at all the people who said "eek-gad, where's my spoiler warning" when they consciously clicked on the thread with such an obvious spoiler content title.

    Looks amazing, can't wait to wipe on it continuously. Makes it all the more sweet if/when we down that big ol' melting SOB
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    after rhe release of next expansionim sure i will do this raid too )

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevanSparda View Post
    Apparently DW final form will be like Yogg's fight. Option of using the help of the Aspects.

    I can already see an "Alone in the Darkness" achievement-like for DW
    Yea it is more than likely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ftk View Post
    I didn't know chim was back boub.
    BWD was mearly a set back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kneeo View Post
    You guys clicked on a thread titled "Dragon Soul Raid Strategy" and expected to NOT find spoilers?
    True dat!!!

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    Sounds fun. Yay.

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    I'll admit, I didn't notice the [PH] tags initially, and actually thought we'd be fighting chim again as a prelude to a boss. Then I realized there was no strat after chim and... well then I just felt stupid. Both deathwing fights look pretty fun, from what I can tell reading this.

    Cobalt Blood of the Old Gods - Grants the ability: Mana Void. Mana voids will leech the mana from all casters and healers, storing it in the void. Destroying the mana void will return the sum of the mana leeched evenly to all units within 18 yards.
    sounds like a good thing, unless the void has a ton of health. Burn your casters mana (who don't need it, except arc. mages) and give it to healers. Looks like we could have some neat strats building off of these bosses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayders8 View Post
    Ughhh.... shit boss models. Seriously, why the hell do they always use the same models!!?? I don't want to fight against the "break yourselves upon my body" guy, again.
    They're place holders. Calm down.
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
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    Most epic final boss fight... EVAR!
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