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    BoE epics in Dragon Soul?

    Will there be any BoE epics in Dragon Soul from trash, is there any information about that?

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    You want to solo farm trash epicssssss? *blink blink*

    TO answer the question, yes there is trash epics, not much information on it, when you enter the raid you will see trash infront, left and right
    The other trash you will probebly have to kill the bosses in order to access those rooms, dont know if this is 100 % sure since i have not tested that theory but yeah, first room there is lots of trash around!

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    Did a quick Googling. Found this loot table.


    Doesn't show any trash drops, but it does have "small chance to drop off any boss" drops. Not seeing any BoEs either.

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    Looks like there will be a set of BoE belts that appear to be from trash mobs.

    Check this list and sort by source, the ones with an empty field (not vendor/boss/crafted) are most likely trash drops.

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    There were plenty of boe items and patterns that dropped on ptr from DS trash.

    Bosses also have a shared loot pool of some trinkets + rings.

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