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    Republic Classes 101

    The following is a basic overview of the roles

    Jedi Knight - Guardian - Defense
    Trooper - Vanguard - Shield Specialist
    Jedi Counsular - Shadow - Kinetic Combat

    Trooper - Commando - Combat Medic
    Jedi Consular - Sage - Seer
    Smuggler - Scoundrel - Sawbones

    Melee/CQ DPS
    Jedi Knight - Sentinel - Combat or Watchmen
    Jedi Knight - Guardian - Vigilance
    Trooper - Vanguard - Tactics
    Jedi Consular - Shadow - Infiltration
    Smuggler - Scoundrel - Scrapper

    Range DPS
    Trooper - Commando - Gunnery
    Jedi Consular - Sage - Telekinetics
    Smuggler - Gunslinger - Saboteur or Sharpshooter

    *NOTE: Each classes Shared tree is not listed as they cannot be categorized


    Class - Advanced Class - Advanced Class Specialization
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    Lol I was about to post a question about this!
    Thanks heaps!

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    Nice list ! Specially for those who haven't look into every class and what their speccs does.

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    indeed, very useful, i shall be copy/pasting to my guild forums
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    Other than the class videos on the official site is there any information out there on how these classes actually play?

    I'm interested to see how the ranged tanks work? What exactly does "shield specialist" mean?

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    Shield specialist trooper uses a self buff shield to absorb damage...range tanking is what youd think, tanking from range..however from what ive seen a melee mob (mostly creatures ofc) would still move to you so youd be tanking in melee.

    Ranged mobs (mostly humanoid) youd be tanking at a distance drawing thier fire onto you

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