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    Quote Originally Posted by Luph View Post
    You'd have probably said this if Blizzard released any other expansion imaginable.
    It's not that they're releasing a new expansion its what they're implementing in that expansion.
    Quote Originally Posted by SW:TOR
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    Karteli, i think i am open to ToR still, i wont purchase it on launch but if i here encouraging things from people i trust ill give it a shot. I dont know why my post was 'snipped' as i was not trolling, im genuinely commenting on the potential success of tor, and you can not do that without comparisons; i made them. As for their announcements and timings, i think both blizzard and bioware and doing a good job with trying to keep members and hinder the other.

    I am just looking for an objective approach to ToR, and not just ' Blizzard fails, lawl pandas, blizzard sucks, tor is awesome' i wish to know why, what made you love ToR, if its the lore then i understand, but SW lore does not appeal to me as i have not read much lore, if its gameplay, i would like to know what about game play left you impressed.

    I dont think any of this is trolling or unfair to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luph View Post
    You'd have probably said this if Blizzard released any other expansion imaginable.
    If Blizzard wouldn't have thrown in loads of stuff the new MMOs are having in their core, into a, what seemed to be, an extremely rushed together presentation, then I might have been more optimistic, but it's not just that. It's mostly about what Blizzard is focusing on, which is simply a what used to be Easter Egg race and making it the sole focus of their entire expansion. And all the changes they are bringing in (especially to the talent system) is going to be very dangerous to WoW's future. They aren't just making small convenient changes to make lives easier, they are changing most of the model that made WoW so succesful in the first place.
    I have no doubt a lot of people are gonna love it, but I for one won't willingly stand by and suffer through a game being killed by it's own ignorant masters.

    But this thread is about SWTOR.


    The Imperial Agent character progression video just got a released a few minutes ago and it looks amazing. I'm more excited about this class than before. All of the class videos has been extremely good and it relieves some of the pressure building up for players regarding info starvation. The NDA is still up which is hurting SWTOR, which is a shame, but I certainly hope BioWare won't keep it up for much longer. There is like 30% of the game that we do know about and 70% that is still under the NDA. Which gives WoW fanbois and GW2 lovers (in no fault of their own) a lot more of a pessimistic and hateful view of the game since the information released is so limited.
    SWTOR is still a month away (at least) from launching their Early Access and the NDA should break before then or else BW will see loads of stuff leaked on the interwebz. Not only is it adding more fuel to the hatefire, but it's also very disrespectful and a bit cruel to the loyal BW fans who are anxiously awaiting this game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nezarr View Post
    I take it you are a sith
    For certain. :P

    It felt slow, it felt boring.
    Has to be a preference thing. In no video I've seen.. apart from level 1 shit, where you have 1 ability, have I gotten that impression at all. While I haven't been able to play myself, I've played enough games and heard enough other reviews to have developed what I think is an informed opinion on the matter. However, I'll concede that not everyone is going to like the same things.

    Questing is a huge fail in my eyes, it was so ridiculously boring and drawn out,
    This, I disagree with. Quests might take a little longer to get and turn in, but I LOVE the dialogue system from MEs/DAs/KotORs. I love making those kill 10 bats quests more than just accepting quest texts. Again, this is personal preferences at play, but I can't wait to be leveling with their quest system.

    Fair enough, it was mostly the members in my guild. I'm simply conveying my opinion from beta. And frankly, you have done nothing to change that opinion or offer legitimate evidence to support any of your claims other than to attack my ability to play games and fail at comprehension.
    I won't be able to change your opinion. If all of the info on the first page, playing the beta (as you've said you've done), or reading the thousands of posts here hasn't made you view the game favorably, there's no way Nakaya_kilrogg can make the stars align, connect two or three synapses in your brain, and open up a light from heaven to shine the light of truth (imo, anyway) down on you. If you don't like it, you don't like it.

    Also, I wasn't calling you a baddie. You could be a 2400 gladiator, or have a heroic Rag kill. I have absolutely no idea. I was just offering it up as one small example, as many people have found the gameplay to be pretty awesome. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you, could just simply be a difference of opinion. If I came across harshly, I apologize.

    I also find that end game content is almost a direct port of WoW endgame, so from someone who may be looking for something new in the end game arena, i find ToR lacking, why would i play ToR when i could have a better end game in WoW as its more polished, if i wanted bland mechanics and gameplay i would simply play Vanilla wow again. I am really not trolling here, i think you may underestimate my desire, and others, for a new game that offers something different to WoW at all levels of play. I think guild wars 2 may do just that.
    "Better" is subjective.

    We haven't seen too many videos from Operations (first boss and a few clips). We haven't seen what all they're doing with Ilum. They've also mentioned they're doing "end game with a twist", things we don't know about yet.

    I'm pretty sure I did underestimate you, as that Guild Wars 2 plug makes it pretty clear. :P Whatever game you play, I hope you enjoy it.
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