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    381 Mage LF Raiding Guild

    Hey guys.

    381 mage, arcane and fire specs, looking for a raiding guild preferably early morning.

    Pve gear is 378 equipped, easily over 25k dps in most fights.

    know the content, looking for a guild who either is farming heroics or progressign through heroics.

    -pvp gear is just as good. 4/5 ruthless, and several off pieces.

    I am on the EST, so prefer something starting before 8 am - 12pm. End time is usually a few hours after that.
    Will provide armory and intervies and applications and what not privately, not here.

    Post here with a guild website or someone to contact.
    Currently horde and would prefer a horde guild, don't mind server changing and faction changing for good offers.

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    I replied to this in your other thread, but will do so here as well in case we suit your available raid time.
    Parasomnia raids from 3am-7am PST and is looking for more dps and healers for 4.3 25-man raids, and we could use solid people who know how to play and work well in a team environment.

    Get in touch with me if we fit your availability!


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    Hey mate,

    Just thought i'd try my luck and see if you'd be interested in applying to Archaeus on Jubei'thos. http://www.archaeus.info
    We are an alliance side 25 man guild currently progressing through Heroic mode Firelands. Have downed Shannox, Rhyolith and Majordomo on heroic and are currently working on Alysrazor.
    We are currently looking to recruit a mage for a core position in our raid group and if the timezones are applicable to you, please consider dropping an application in on our website.
    If you would rather chat instead PM me on here and i will do my best to organise a vent meeting of some description.


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    Our guild <The Real FEAR> is on the pvp server, Barthilas. We are an alliance 10 man guild looking for more exceptional applicants. Our guild has just formed and is comprised of ex-raiders with past experiences in Naxx40, Sunwell, LKHM, and Cata HMs. We have core spots available to any exceptional applicant. We look for versatility in a raider to be able to play any specc depending on the needs of the encounter. We raid on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 1 am to 5 am PST.

    For more information visit our website at The Real FEAR.guildlaunch.com

    For any more questions you may contact any of these members:
    Charlie (or Waitress), Navakai (or Psx), and Bixlol

    Thank you and good luck on your search.
    Charlie from <The Real FEAR>
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