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    [Music] Scroobius Pip

    ive been listening to his spoken word alot, but just recently started into his music CDs. anyone else listen to pip? i absolutely love his lyrics.

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    no one? 10char

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    you mean to tell me, with all the european gamers we have on this site, noone like scroobius pip? i am shocked!

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    Although I almost exclusively listen to metal and rock, I find Scroobius Pip to be quite awesome.
    He can really write great lyrics, like Thou Shall Always Kill.

    And he has a beard.

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    I love it, Thou Shalt Always Kill is great!

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    I love it too! Thou Shalt Always Kill, and A Letter From God to Man. Along with his other songs! Finally nice to see someone else who listens to him

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    I listen to him a little bit, but his new cd was kind of a disappointment. Like the song soldier boy, I can't stand it...It's just that Introdiction is such an awesome song, and then none of the rest are as good.

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    good to know im not alone!

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