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    [Music] Foo Fighters to finish Blizzcon 2011

    are they good? i know nothing about music, but i've heard many great things about them.

    [Merged with the other foo fighters thread]
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    Foo Fighters are amazing. If you remember Tenacious D from last year, their drummer is Dave Grohl, who just so happens to be Foo Fighters' singer.

    If you're interested in Rock music, I'd 100% reccommend that you listen to Foo Fighters. .

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    OMG I'm so excited for this!!! Yes Foo Fighters are an amazing band thats been around for awhile. But I do find it super odd that they're playing at Blizzcon.
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    Dave Grohl is on a level of awesomeness of absurd levels.
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    Eh. I'm not a big fan, but I'm watching the online stream so I can just log off the Blizzcon page before the closing ceremony.

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    Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    No one mentioned yet that he was the drummer in Nirvana.

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    Everlong. Best song ever. Yeah Dave grohl is pretty legendary.

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    Heard of Nirvana? Lead singer of Foo Fighters = Nirvana drummer..

    But in terms of music, they're ok I guess, they have some good songs and some crappy

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    Oh wow, I might buy a virtual ticket after all. That's a fantastic surprise.

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    Seen them live four times so I won't be buying a 'virtual ticket', but they're worth listening to if you don't already.

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    Foo Fighters would be amazing, much better then Tenacious D from last year. Haven't seen any news regarding this yet tho, got a source? How is doing a concert selling out? It's what bands do...Obviously Dave is a fan, he helped Tenacious D last year, where any Drummer could have filled in.
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    LOL I told this to my friend months ago when I looked at their tour schedule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elementium View Post

    Everlong. Best song ever. Yeah Dave grohl is pretty legendary.
    I like that as well, honestly they are ripping off the band Samiam's sound though (which I'm fine with but they deserved some success as well).


    Btw. Grohl has a cool metal project as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caligulove View Post

    Im Dave Grohl fanatic. But this seems weird. Dave is OK guy Ive met him 3 times backstage and I almost peeped myself because of the laughter but this seems weird... I dont know what to make of it. Selling out? No, I bet guys at Blizz loves them also so they asked kindly
    Why would this be selling out?
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    Foo Fighters are amazing and Dave Grohl is a rock God...this is simply wonderful =)

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    No one else thinking troll?

    It's really suspicious imo, that anyone hasn't heard of foo fighters!
    Also, source?

    My mistake, I see the joystick post, love the quote from Grohl, pretty epic, might be buying a virtual ticket methinks!
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    @Kaga: Look a few posts above you, I posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nzall View Post
    are they good? i know nothing about music, but i've heard many great things about them.
    Are they good? Jesus Christ man, what kind of a question is that?

    Foo Fighters are Gods!
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